Thursday, April 28, 2005


If I was in love with you and if you were in love with me
How much I would have loved you!
How much you would have loved me!

I would as if I want nothing in return
I would as if I want you all for myself
I wouldn’t need a reason
I would need all of them answered in all seriousness
‘Why do you love me?’
‘Am I pretty?’
‘Will you find someone else if I died?’
and perhaps
be happy that someone would love you after I am gone
or perhaps
even get jealous that you might also love her.

Manauvering my way through a heavy traffic,
I saw a girl seated in an auto.
She was lost in her own world
I tried to study her face and it looked like she was having a happy thought
about someone, somewhere
That was when you came to mind
As you sometimes do
At the expected moments and those unexpected ones too
When I am sad, when I am happy,
When I want to share a joke or an accomplishment.

The last time we met, you spoke about some girl
I fumed
as if
I care for you
you smiled that naughty smile
as if
you care for me
The last time we met, was it the last time?

If I was in love with you and if you were in love with me
How much I would have loved you!
How much you would have loved me!


Fun_Da_Mental said...

Speechless! That's what I am right now. :-) It is not so difficult to make how much you would have loved 'him' for sure. Gal, each and every word that you've written is touching, poignant... I am sure the one who lost you does not realize what he has lost. In fact look at the brighter side, you probably deserve more than what you ever asked for. :-)

*wonder if I was sounding too philosophical but still... I had to say this."

Beautifully woven peace of emotions! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dunno nothing about the background, but the words are great.

My fave lines (from elsewhere): If only my love were a pair of pliers; you'd know what it felt to have your heart squashed.
(Ok, that was a lil groucho marx-turned-little richardish, sorry!)

-- Heretic

Stone said...

was it the last time??
take good care of urself buddy!

thelearner said...

honest, nice.

Akruti said...

Whenever u come to my blog u say u and me have the same choice of songs:) well, these songs say it all,many times when i am alone these are the words or the feelings which try to touch me and i just brush them off and walk away into light:),takecare girl..

"dard kee saaree tahe aaur saare gujare haadase,sab dhuwaan ho jaayenge, yek waakiyaa rah jaayegaa"

too is tarah se meree jindagee mein shaamil hain,jahaan bhee jaaoo ye lagataa hain teree mahafil hain,,ye aasamaan ye baadal ye raasate ye hawaa,har yek cheej hain apanee jagah thhikaane se,kaee dinon se shikaayat naheen jamaane se"

"tum masarrat kaa kaho yaa ise Gam kaa rishtaa ,kahate hain pyaar kaa rishtaa hain janam kaa rishtaa ,hain janam kaa jo ye rishtaa to badalataa kyon hain "

d4u said...

Well..touching and amazing..:-)
You have described the emotion beautifully!!!

Nupur said...

hmmm... so full of emotions, those simple ones that we sometimes forget or dont was to pay much attention to!
Well written Arunima...

Anonymous said...

Dissapointed, not anywhere near the articles you have written.

U failed to put ur feelings properly into words.

Ad astra per aspera said...

The simple words you've used, tell a story that I can relate to. That's exactly what I think at times. :-)Loved it.

Dreamcatcher said...

*sigh* that was breathtaking.

Kishore said...

Last will last not lost! (whatever it means) :)

abhaya said...

"Shaam-e-firaq ab na pooch, aayi aur aa ke tal gayi,
Dil tha ki fir bahal gaya, jaan thi ki fir sambhal gayi."
-- Faiz

manuscrypts said...

..if only... take care, and please drop in for just a second..:)

Manish said...

Achha kaha ... khoob kaha ... apna dil khol ker rakh diya - Not an easy thing to do that!

phatichar said...

Kamaal ho gaya, kamaal ho gaya, dhoti fat ke rumaal ho gaya!!

Hey, neat post. I mean it. honest. :) Sauntered in here through Shub's blog, looks like am gonna come back for more.

Arunima said...

@phatichar: :-)

anonymous: expect crap at times.
brain Diarrhoea and mouth constipation of words happen with me also.

Anonymous said...

If dreams were given to a lonely man
and a lonely man's dreams came true,
I'd force myself to sleep all the time
just so I could dream of you

If wishes were given to a lonely man
and I was given just two,
I'd wish for you to always love me
and the other I'd give to you

If my tears could write a love song
I'd write a love song for you,
It would explain just how I feel inside
and how much I love you too

But, dreams are only dreams
and wishes seldom come true,
My tears can't write a love song,
but when they fall, they fall for you

s! said...

if... only life and love were straightforward and simple.

arun said...

Hai Arunima
As Neelima said
just brush them off and walk away into light:)


Calvin said...

Actually its a comment on one of the previous posts. The one titled 'Woman' was really wonderful. Made me think the male version for that.
Very nice blog. I guess I'm here for the first time. Not sure though. :-)

|| sbk || said...

Sigh!.."The measure of Love is when you Love without measure"
Well written mate. Really nice.


burf said...

nice choice of words...but u screwed the meters

burf said... sorry

Sumanth said...

Nice one..came here from LENS..
I really liked the older post which you claim to have plagarised:)

Arunima said...


I don't know anything about poetry or of rhyming or meters. If you considered it as one then it is an achievement in itself. yay!

burf said...

the problem is that all the readers try to analyse and read the author's/poet's lines in their own context (thus the universal appeal) but i guess few try to understand the poet's thought process; i would really like to understand if u are posing a question, or if ur in doubt or if ur stating the fact, or is it that u wish...wat is it when u say "How much I would have loved you!
How much you would have loved me! " ?

sanguine said...

kabhi yun bhi to ho ...

nice post, arunima

despiteme said...

You know, i could never write anything so beautiful. I am a pot of words that are the blah and humbug of the vocabulary.

Sigghhh ...what i would give to be a poet!

Hmmm i could do without the starving part...but poet with access to great food...

Errr i am making myself hungry now...i think i need some kinder bueno

Arunima said...

@burf: Don't you think whatever little is appealing inspite of the screwd up meter will remain if I told you what I wish to say?

I'll give you the benifit of doubt:-)

ok, I'll tell some other time

≈ s t o i k o s ≈ said...

can u answer this please.
if one has fallen in love once...can one fall in love again ?
will it be the same ?
kiddish but pertinent question..i say

Alka Dwivedi said...

What a simple and effective way to present such complex thoughts. Hats off to you.

burf said...

here is evrybody congratulating arunima on her great achivement of interpreting complex thoughts in such beautiful simple words and getting big smiles from arunima back and here am i, a kiddish duffer, asking her the meaning of those simple words and getting "some other time" back :(


burf said...

a bow...

for the valentine's day post

Anonymous said...

time for a new blog yet??

nice blog this arunima! keep it up!

aparna said...

Hi Arunima

Came here from Kishore's blog. That was beautiful and very touching!!


Arunima said...

@stoikos: I guess it is possible. I don't see myself dying a spinster :-) and I know I'll marry for love. I am also trying to figure that out though.I think we need to go with an open mind

@burf: a bow for your bow.

Elders still kneel down and bow to each other at functions in my community. My grandma still do that. somewhat like the japanese tradition but nowadays, younsters ignore each other's presence I guess:-)

@ Aparna: thanks

@anonymous: trying to post a new entry but busy figuring out too many things both personal and professional.

Apologies to readers and blogmates for my absence from their pages for the time being.

Pallavi said...

well dont get stuck in IFs ... look forward... you will get the reality of what you were thinking.. :)

Ash said...

Lovely post,
certainly resonates with everyone's hearts :)

Lost in trance... said...