Thursday, April 07, 2005

To throw eggs

For all the nice things I write, you spill coffee on my blog. You fry eggs and even herd Dinosaurs.

Your 'interesting' comments often start a long debate with other readers. Surely, you must be in love with me to always do such damages.

I don't know very clearly what you do but it must be something nice as I see that you are the only Indian among all the speakers and the others don't look like fools.

There are so many things in life that catches the eye but very few, that catches the heart. I am glad you have followed those few by proving that it is not the piles of certificate but the quest for knowledge and excellence that can drive someone to succeed in life. You are self taught and that's the best part.

May you conquer heights!

I wish I could sit in that conference and throw eggs at you.


Madi said...

OMG! Arunima this is one fun of a thing!!! im actually enjoying nuking :D wish u i cud do that on my own... how do u do it?

romila said...

fabulous piece of throwing soft boiled eggs ... noone can do it better. shows exactly u feel..:)

Arunima said...


Thanks for dropping by. I was born sarcastic I guess:-) or some people make you become one

Romila, If it's boiled eggs, I might as well eat them.

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Heyy!! Good to see you in action again! [You are not *that* active in responding to emails yet though.. (am I being demanding now? pheww..)]

BTW... these graphics are just too good... awesome! wowwieee.. oye n btw I never knew u were in Bangy too!! :) Me back to your town too. :)

Kishore said...

To throw or not to throw.. that is the question!

Arunima said...

fundoo, sorry for the e-mails. I always act busy. yeah! the graphics are good esp the dinosaur one but if it had to be forever?

Stone said... :-)..good timepass site!!
And Brajeshwar's profile...damn impressive!!!

goodwill hunting said...

me too will come to the cinference to throw eggs ...i'll bring a truck ful of rotten eggs with me....sufficient??

Anjul said...

one egg from side too, plz

d4u said...

Aao sikha doon tumhe ande ka funda...;)!!

Rohan said...


Stumbled across your blog. It makes for interesting reading.

Liked it tonnes!

Carry on Blogger!

Arunima said...

Thanks Rohan,

I have read your blog umpteen times and it is one of those which I really like for it's language.

So, lets get going:-)

Brajeshwar said...

Here are some pictures of that conference from my lens;
(Sorry, you couldn't be there to throw eggs)

Pallavi said...