Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shall we dance?

Hit the dance floor the moment we entered. That was ‘Salsa Night’ at Sparks on Sunday.
Danced till kingdom come from 9 to 12 taking breaks only to drink sprite.

Sprite is the secret of our energy, shiny hair, beautiful eyes, skin, pearly teeth and perhaps, it might get us husbands too :-) any advertising funda left?

Wasted half-an hour of my make-up session coaxing my partner in crime, Miss ‘J’ to cheer up and enjoy the party as it might be the last time we would be dancing together. (I use this line to blackmail her) Somebody in the US of Asses wanted to know what she would be wearing and who she would be dancing with.

Not happy if he is possessive, sad if he is not!

Her big brother dropped us and even asked us to call him up if it is late so that he could pick us up. What a sweet brother!

Dearies, the trust has been cultivated over the years after reporting every systole and diastole that she takes. From the past three and something years, I have been doing my part in winning the trust by asking her to go for late night movies and stuffs.

My skirt, hair was smelling of cigarette as I came out. Can’t imagine how much I must have inhaled that damn thing they were burning off.

your smoking is injurious to my health!

Wore a plain white salwar, went to the temple. The week has been going fine so far.

“Something in the wind has learned my name
And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me…”

From the song “On top of the world”


shub said...

ossum mood u seem to be in, girl!!! waaay to go!! hey i love the song too!!
here's to even merrier times! *clink!*

Mr. Maverick said...

Enjoyed salsa blast! sweeet :).

Though the 'phenomena' of dancing is something i never understood... its good to see people enjoy themselves with dancing.

s! said...

finally you're getting more into the party mode!! :-)) a big hi to 'J' as well! :-)

manuscrypts said...

yup, thats a good place to be... top of the world...

|| sbk || said...

Are there many salsa clubs in India? It's just that I'm a salsa dancer/teacher myself and stayed abroad all my life. Will soon be moving to India(Bombay)and just a little apprehensive on whether will I be able to do Salsa again.

Never visited Banglore but my friends from there are all praises about the place-do intend to visit it sometime.

PS:Great to know that you having a good time. Cheers!

makash said...

hey thats nice :)
just learned the basics of salsa last week 'twas good fun

btw have you seen the movie also?

Anonymous said...

Salsa! Wow!


Arunima said...

yup Makash, I have watched the movie and liked it too.

Wow! thats's great where do you go for the classes?

Anonymous said...

Hi arunima,
I shall always have bitter memories of Salsa...
Asked a fem to accompany me to the dance workshop in college last month...she refused, asked another...she too refused...asked a guy finally(desperation? ) and he too refused and he went ahead with a girl who had refused to go along with me...


Arunima said...


I remember you telling that you have two left feet in one of my earlier posts.

they must have read my blog

Prat said...

Yipeee...salsa and hanging out with girlfriends. Happines making all the right moves, that!

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Heyyy good to see someone getting back to 'life'. :) Boyy and what a contrast, there is a talk of dance away to glory in a smoke filled party and then suddenly comes:

*Wore a plain white salwar, went to the temple*

Uff uff! Mood swings haan! :) But that was such a simple soothing way to say something... wearing a plain white salwar... and you suddenly see a picture in front of your eye! Hmphhh... woww!

Tarun said...

wow urs and mine occupation is same....what a co-incidense....I like salsa too but not as a dance ;)

nits said...

Night with salsa, morning in temple, not bad, lady.. Just trying to be a good girl, huh?

Arunima said...

wot nits?

me good girl already yaar!!

Balle balle!

Kishna said...

Umm... I guess I am the only one here who doesnt even know what Salsa is... Have to google it now :)
Good to that you had a great time... was smiling all through the post... :)
Nice punch dialogs lol... :)

Swaroop C H said...

Reminds me of Creed ... "Children, don't stop dancing.." :-)

- Swaroop

Pallavi said...

hmmm I am debating whether to join a dance class or a gym... am not sure whther i can compare the two.. but its good old fun activity ...

Salsakid said...

'M looking for a salsa pard (f) from Bangalore. Anyone listening?