Saturday, April 02, 2005

I am a virgin

yohoooo! ask me how to grab attention

Written on a T-shirt
In the front: "I am a virgin"
At the back: "this is an old T-shirt":-)

Two colleagues in a blood donation camp. Doctor comes and talks to the first colleague leaving the second for sometime and visibly pissed.

second to the first:"who the fuck was he?"
first: "My father"

Me and 'J'in a mall:
Me to her: "Don't miss those bras"

"Million dollar baby" was good. Watched friday night dragging 'J' and then her brother along. We need somebody to guard us na?

The movie had already started and I missed out on some nice dialogues. Asked one friend to explain those parts I didn't understand. He adviced me to go and watch Hindi movies instead
so, if time and mood permits, I'll catch up with their brother Nikhil.

Now, this is getting long. I'd love to share my good taste for bad movies someday. Reviews of "Black", "Boogeyman" and "lost in translation" coming up or going down meaning it might happen or never happen.

Take Care.


Mr. Maverick said...

Tit-for-tat me first in your blogs now ;-)...

Very funny (your post not my comment) :)

Anonymous said...

"I am a virgin"

...exactly how old is this post title???

gump, very gump said...

i believe i've been here for the first time...nice posts up here...actaully landed on your blog cos you share this sweet anme with one good freind of mine...

hey! how long have you been in bnglr? are things just as they were 2 years back or is MG/Brigade road any less crowder? I heard PVR has started a 9 screen multiplex there.

Arunima said...

@anonymous: wicked grin**
You are the second to comment:-)

makash said...

<sarcasm> Very Funny Ha!!! </sarcasm>

I seem to loose my sense of humour on Monday mornings.

So did you like Million dollar baby ?

I saw it on saturday, loved it.

gump...: MG/Brigade are very very crowded now. The PVR multiplex is in a new mall called The Forum. Its in Koramangla. But the ticket prices are expensive :(

Arunima said...

@gump, very gump:Thanks for dropping by

It's more congested now. Have been in Bangalore for the last 6-7 yrs.

Sadly, haven't been able to pick up the language.

Yup, I don't know how many screens are there in PVR but, it's a cool place.

manuscrypts said...

.. and i thought the end would be 'this is an old post'.. :p

despiteme said...

wouldnt you all wanna know whether the title of the post is old or not as far as A is concerned. SSHHHHH dont tell em. Leave em Guessing.

And anyone who says A isnt "virginal" is gonna get a bump on the head!

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Best title to make guys to read ur post.. even otherwise they read ur posts :P

Manish said...

You are going to have many porno google searches ending on your page because of this title :-)

Arunima said...

@ MAnish:
creativity sometimes let you put your foot in the mouth:-)

s! said...

seriously, you are? and yes, the google searches are gonna go wild here!!

so now that you have pulled your foot out of your mouth.. was that 'mall' the Forum by any chance! now you see whta happens when you don't have me along!! ;-))

Kishore said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kishore said...

No one dies a virgin, Life screws us all.. or does it?.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi arunima,

sample this on the t - shirt a few guys in our coll landed up with.

on the front side : This is not a shirt

back : This is a Tee shirt


Front : This is the front
back : This is the back


front : This is not the back
back : this is not the front


Prasanna said...

hey kiddo - wow! ur blogs are still the best!! I enjoyed this, and all the other 20 ones I read this past half hour! :)

AmitKen said...

Heheh.. funny incidents :)

M$Baby is nice movie, watched it on friday. Hillary Swank inspired me to start working out again. :-)

Pallavi said...

ahaha i have had some of those myself... LOLOLOL !! like the T-shirt slogan !! LOL

≈ s t o i k o s ≈ said...

Its the Richard Branson effect.
Dont tell me u've got an offer or somethin from him for his impending plans for india or have u ?

the harlequin said...

for a moment there, i thought the post was dated 1 april......