Wednesday, January 26, 2005

print ads

I really liked this print ad.

"A sartorial operation may be rendered useless by the opportune, judicious and prudent deployment of a singular suture.



No convoluted debates. No pointless discussions.Just News Crisply Told.


They have many other such lines but I guess this was the first line which came out.

Anyway, My T-Shirt reads," To drink and drive is a crime..
So I drink you drive!"

Happy Republic day!


Stone said...

and today my T-shirt reads... "Caution - Alcoholic" :-)

Surinder said...

another one .. on t shirt :) .. looks like lots of new t shirts are going arnd .. ( this is the third post , in the last 2 days, on t shirt slogans that i'm reading )... hmm .. good material for my posts :))

chaman_ThE_w|ckeD_BhaI said...
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chaman_ThE_w|ckeD_BhaI said...

Sorry, deleted the last comment. Wrote a pretty dirty slogan there:p

Happy republic day and a belated happy birthday:)

Anonymous said...

hi aunim,
headlines today 's print ads are awesome... i dont remember but for "dont cry over spilt milk "and "grass is greener on teh other side they had really verbose lines...
but the channel comes across as a crisp but "dubbed aaj tak" an NDTV fan :-)
happy republic day!

manuscrypts said...

happy republicity to u too.. btw, a totally unconnected thingie, do let me know if you have noticed 'WorldSpace' ads, if you have, gimme a feedback, pls... :)

Braveheart said...

Another cool T-Shirt message :
'Nobody is Perfect
I am Nobody!'


nits said...

So far my best logo's on T shirt has been "Why Beer is better than woman"

Acoustic Dreamer said...

A grreat one I saw was on a biker dude's T-shirt back. It read, "If you can read this, the bitch fell off"

deep said...

nice 1
my fav is "I was born intelligent,Education ruined me"
another 1 is "I am best when I am drunk"

Nupur said...

Honestly had it not been for the stitch in time line, it would have taken me a long to get the 1st quote.

How abt - 'Look up for inspiration, down for concentration but don’t look side to side for information'!

Chakshu said...

I liked NDTV's "Daach dikhate hai hum" tv ad.

Chakshu said...

I liked NDTV's "Daach dikhate hai hum" tv ad.

QuaTros said...

Wow, I loved the "I drink you drive one!"
And hmm..there is another one, not an entirely polite one though! The T-shirt shows a hand with just the middle,index and the ring finger show raised and held together like three lines. And it says "Read between the lines" ;-)

Smiling Agony said...

I have a Tshirt which says:


I spotted many of those in Delhi - How about these:

I am not drunk I am just chemically off balance
I am lost take me home with you
My Dad is an ATM
Virginity is not simplicity its just lack of oppurtunity

And I have one of the good ones on my Ts

It shows a @ sign with an Om designed in it and says there is more to life that just dot com

The Father of all I saw in IIT Kanpur -

A guy was riding a cycle wearing a T=Shirt which said - One Day I'll be a Scientist

His Cycle had a poster at the back : " One day I'll be a Car "

Arunima said...

lovely contributions!

Vishnu said...

Talking about republic day,i thought i would do something different.Went to the saloon and got a complete crew cut to honour the army men!Got puzzled and more quizzical looks from everyone the next day.

To add to the fire,i bought 2 huge indian flags and pasted it in my cubicle.The RM came and said we are not supposed to display the flags in the public(??????).Neverthless,its still in my cube...

Pallavi said...

I like Tantra T shirts for its wise sayings .. LOLOL I also love chinese proverbs.. damn funny !!