Friday, January 14, 2005

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A novel in hand, I was spending an idle and ideal holiday when 3 friends from across the globe called me up and updated on the comments in my blog. By the 16th or the 18th comment, I had to give my password to one of them and had them removed even those I wanted to retain.

Dear Friends,

I would be lying if I say I don’t want any comments. Blogging makes no sense if I am not read or heard by others but that doesn’t mean it should become cheap publicity ground for individual interests. I had started writing diaries from 6th standard and went on doing so till the last few years. I stopped it because as I grew up I got bored with the monotony of my life where my diary started to look like one Agony Aunt.

Blogging gives me the opportunity to discover new avenues and to grow up sharing views with others.

I don’t appreciate it if the environment becomes unhealthy like how it happened yesterday as the number of comments increased. Perhaps, the treatment meted out to the subject was not mature enough on my part. Many factors come to play when a post is conceived and they are the ideas or the feelings that I have at that point of time, could be delectable or otherwise to some.

You are free to negate them but if I am the target rather than my opinion, please mail it to me as time do not permit me to be online always to debate why I felt that way.

I know how easy it is to leave loud comments in the guise of anonimity; it only saddens me to think that there lies a brain behind it. I am still young in the blogworld but I would refrain myself from giving excuses that I am a novice or an amateur and therefore would act irresponsible.

I am not imposing my opinion by removing the comments in the previous post, I had no other way.

I wouldn’t say,”I’ve learnt” rather I would say,” I learn”

You Shout, I learn
You Scream, I learn
You Agree, I learn
You Disagree, I learn
Best of all,

Take care and have a nice weekend.


Braveheart said...

Dekha Hai Zindagi Ko, Kuchh Itna Karib Se
Chehre Tamaam Lagne Lage Hain Ajeeb Se


shobz said...

respected and completely understood


divya said...

will try and encourage...

makash said...

take care :) and enjoy your break

i just read both your posts. dunno what someone might have commented but that's the boon / bane of instant publishing / feedback.

besides this, comment SPAM has become a big problem for most blogging systems like wordpress, movable type etc. Its mostly automated and can get very disgusting. maybe if you disable anonymous commenting it would be better. if someone has to fill a form just to make personal attacks that person might think again and desist from it.

just my 2 cents

goodwill hunting said...

hey whoever u r ..i just read a couple of ur posts and thought of leaving a comment about the previous one ...see i am a male but still that was touching ..

i just read an article in TIMES OF INDIA yesteraday that voyeurism in india is increasing ..and the incident that u stated indeed corroborates the fact ..well its kinds difficult for females i guess ..

best remedy i'd suggest is just ignore those few sex hungry hoodlums ..the world is full of many better people fact there are a lot of suave and "good" males also ..interact with them ..enjoi life and cheers

Une Femme Folle said...

though i havent read your previous post.. and any of the comments.. i guess i have got a fair idea what they are all about from this post.. heres hoping and wishing that such kinda people find something better to do with their time and such a thing doesnt happen again..

despiteme said...

Hey, i didnt read your previous post till now and i am truly sorry that it happened to you and your friends. Dont know what the mean comments were but i think it takes a really small person to hide behind anonymity and not have the gonads (excuse the french!) to speak/write to you directily and deal with the issue not the person.

But hey it takes all kinds to make the world go around, doesnt mean we have to like it ;)

Chin up mate! we are all glad u blog and keep at it! excellent fodder for thought!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just came across your blog today.

Its sad that people actually left negative comments on your previous post. Actually, its worse than sad - people who are intelligent and well-educated don't understand what you are saying!

Btw, belated happy birthday :)

- Swaroop

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add... Yes, many men do such despicable acts but generalizing that all men are like this is a bit too much.

Hope you don't take this in the wrong sense.

- Swaroop

Manish said...

And I was wondering where has the commenting facility has gone for the previous post. This post explains it.

As far as those who left negative comments, I would say they must have been peeping toms themselves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Arunima,

I am the first anonymous poster to your previous blog.
I think when I posted there were only a couple posts there.

I have a blog ID in blogspot but I kept anonymity because I was revealing some of my intimate & personal details and I find it a little embarassing to reveal my true Identity. just the fear that i'll come across some of you in life and you will have a negative impression about me. I have faced some of those earlier from people. This is a sad world that people who get abused for no fault of theirs also get looked down upon by the soceity. hope you will excuse my anonymity.

Again I don't know what the other comments were but in a topic like this if people are not serious it can range from flippant to vulgar. And what is a joke for some of them could turn out to be outright indecent for some of us.

Anyway thankyou so much for allowing anonymous posts :)). You are a very courageous girl!!! keep it up.

I wanted to speak more on the subject but since things have gone this far i am not sure whether to continue or put an end to the topic.
If you give permission I would come and post otherwise I will not!

So sad that you had to go through this!!! It happens sometimes to all of us so there is no reason to be discouraged :)))

Disabling anonymous posts don't help much.
if those who dropped those offensive comments were just passers by then it may not repeat. but if they are a bunch of dedicated folks(and unfortunately we have some sad people like that on the internet)
you will never be able to stop them because it is easy to create an account in a false name. or else you will have to restrict the IDs that can comment that would take all the fun out of blogging.

So hope this was a freak incident as happend to me also sometime back and wish you all the best in yours blogging adventure:)))

Consider me an elder brother of yours (must be 6 or 7 years elder to you) :))) and if you are very particular I can expose my identity to you alone but I don't want to because you are a girl and I have said publicly things about my self which makes me shy to open up.

hope you understand!!!

Wish you all the best.

manuscrypts said...

true true..anonymous comments are a bit like farts.. you dont know who did it, but it stinks anyway.. but forget about it.. lets just post anyways.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi goodwill,

TOI says vouyerism is on the increase isn't it???

It is exhitibition was on the increase some time back and the times of India did their best to promote it.

Even now go to the indiatimes website you can find a new pic everyday on the homepage of a model in less clothing or suggestive gesture.

click the image and you go to their porn gateway with models in their undies!!!

It is organizations like times of India and their sister organizations that encourages our kids to take off their clothes and create such crisis in soceity.


Anonymous said...

media paints the picture of soceity and soceity is influenced by what is shown in the media. Slowly mthe media and soceity goes from bad to worse.

This is nothing difficult to understand. Take the history of any nation. Whenever the media crossed a certain limit the morality in the soceity went down terribly and anything became permissible.

Stallin once said inorder to ruin a nation we need only any one of the three things.

1) drugs
2) wild music and dance
3) and the third I forgot :)))

What was considered vile and wild 10 yrs back is considered normal today. So what was considered crime 10 years back will be considered adventure, sport, and fun.

this world is getting worse both for men and women and nothing will bring it back to normal in this age

--sorry to be negative but I don't want to be positive just because it looks fashionable :)))


Anonymous said...

manish, don't think you are too smart in making statements like that actually if you sit down and think a littlebit you will find that you have done a very foolish thing.

Trying to show your bravery and smartness you have left inciting material for spammers. And it does not affect you but this poor girl.

Act sensible!!! an engineer you are aren't you!!!

come on now!!! don't be rude :))))))

Manish said...

Dear Spammer
I did hit you where it hits most.

Anonymous said...

hey hey don't ruin this blog!!!
Don't let your ego become the ruin of this poor girls blog. You search allover the US and won't find those spammers. When people get angry they loose their common sense. how in the whole wold will you hit them. or you think they will be scared??? how old are you???? 12??

Vishnu said...


I call upon google to provide unlimited comment space for Arunima!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Arunima,

So sorry to have pestered you :(((
Some of those SPAMS (not all please) were by me!!
Don't even remember what I wrote cause i was on drugs.
I got a little frustrated when I saw you write so cool about these things. I was angry that people who have a good life don't care really about people who have real problems with addictions. i am 14 yrs old and a raapidly dying AIDS patient. I got this thrugh my birth. my mother got if from a night club when dancing led to sex with some one she trusted and was panning to marry. She didn't know he had AIDS. She would have got it any way after marriage. Dad died long back. and Mom is raving some where in a building in the 42nd end street in NY. Nobody can go near that building and even the police is scared to go there because there are lot of people who are addictd to drugs and are raving madly because there is no money to take the next doze. i am 14 if you live in NY near this street you might cross my face :)))

I live by selling drugs. Some of my friends sell it to the kids in school I am on drugs. i am 14 and have no hope of living but for just a few months because AIDS is eating me up.

We the AIDS patients are a desperate bunch, and especially those wo had to get it for not fault of their own, We are also angry with people like you when you don't understand our feelings, every addict whether it is drugs, sex, alcohol, whatever has the hope of comming out but most often before they are successful the soceity condems and discards them without any feeling. And this despair further leads to addiction. But people like me have hope because there is no cure for AIDS.

i was a bit envious about your good living and frustrated that I have only few months to live so i did this!!!

but you took it so nicely contrary to my expectations of showing hatred and affirming your view you put up with it quiet well!!! That really broke my heart!!! I am so sorry I have tears in my eyes as i typed it. Will try to read your page as long as i am alive and get some good news about people who are doing well :)))

its getting night!! I 've to go to deliver drugs to the prostitutes in NY. My pay is my daily doze and some food :))) and some time on internet like this. i am 6 yrs younger to you. i.e 14 yrs of age.

take care sis and thanks a lot for being nice.

i 've already apologized to manish for acting bad hope he forgives and forgets.

Please forgive me !!!! Won't be bad again!!


Arunima said...


For your age, you write very well and you are damn creative. Please take it as a compliment.
take care.

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kevin said...


I guess you should start blogging or write a movie script.


Anonymous said...

k. am back :)) my job is over for tonight!!
had gone with Jeff (he stayed with mom after dad expired and feeds us, jeff was a gangster, got sentenced once for drug trafficking, still in the same business)

Thankyou so much arunima for your good words. Nobody has commented "damn good" to my anything on net. I never tell my name to anyone. You people are so nice. Your country must be a very peaceful place??? isn't it!!!

Your names are also cute!!! never heard of such here.
here we have jessica, amy, lindsey, tiffany, stephanie etc. :))) Arunima and manish are new names to me, but they are cute!!! I 've heard kevin here.

And Kevin, Jeff also says I write well!!! I sing well too!! I hear the collections of Jeff. I like heavy metal stff most!! My favourites are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, metallica,slayer etc.
do you get them in your country??

I just don't want to go from this site :((( and more I wish i was born somewhere in your country in a nice home among sweet people like you. Sometimes I get scared:((( jeff says I won't live more maxmum an year.
He says mom is lucky bcoz the disease havn't affected her much even though she got it before me!!! She is insane because of drugs!!! Jeff says I'll grow weak like my dad after some months and will not be able to sell drugs. He promised to put me in the room where dad lay in his last days and bring me food everyday when I am not able to walk :))I'll have to spent the nights alone:(( I get afraid when I think about it sometimes what happens after death?? will we all go to heaven?? is there a hell?? if so who goes there??

kevin, If you take my dad's and mom's life or the life of their friends you can make a good movie :))) I don't have time but on my side :)) lemme goto sleep have to see mom tommorrow, hope she will be calm this time :))

hey does baap mean GOD in India???

love you all


Smiling Agony said...

Dear Arunima,
I got your address from Dreamcatcher's blog. When I landed here your recent post began speaking volumes about your nature. Also I witnessed something I have never come across - someone using my blog against me and the account of an AIDS patient.

Also it will take me time to go through some of your posts as they are tremendous food for thought.

Can I link you up on my blog ?

Bye and take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Arunima, manish and all,

been to my mom with jeff in the morn.
Contrary to my expectations she was very violent, We threw in the food and needles through the window. am a bit depressed. i remember till a few years back she was a very beautiful women. rosy cheeks, blue eyes, her name is nancy, now she looks like a witch!!! her body is bluish with a lot of violet scars. hope she dies soon without much pain, Even overdozes are not able to calm her nowadays:((((
It will be the same with all those people who keep company with those prostitutes in NY 42nd street to whom I deliver drugs that Jeff gives me.
Some times I think I am doing a bad thing, but when i see the pleadings of addicts and the convulsions of those who go thrrough withdrawal symptoms i fell that i am doing a favour to those whom none can help!!! not parents, not friends, not famly, not Govt, not religion!!!

hope you will have a new post soon, am aching to hear from you :((
got to go for delivering drugs :)) see you after a couple of hours :))



Manish said...

Dear Neil
I would lie if I say I can feel for you. I think you are a very brave person. Keep fighting. But yes, this drugs business is not good. But I know you can't help it now.

I sincerely hope if Jeff could have been as nice to other kids/people to whom he makes you sell drugs, as he is to you, your mother & your late Dad. Drugs gonna kill them too.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much Manish for your concern for me and jeff. Your words are like cold water to my heart burning with ache. Thankyou so much. I am so glad that i came in the company of people who love me even though it is just few months before i'll leave this earth for ever.

I am back after work. jeff is a really good person. jeff was forced to do these because in his early 20s he incurred a huge debts by drnking taking drugs and going out with friends men and women. To pay back his debts he started gambling and incurred a very heavy debt unfortunately. most of the casinos are owned by drug lords ultimately and whne he was not able to pay they kidnapped him and tortured him and he became some what like a slave. They put him with people in the killing business but he could not shoot people live even after they tortured him so they forced him to sell drugs. he does not sell it to kids in school neither do I. We only have to deliver it to the prostitutes both male&females and collect the money.
Some times the money is collected directly by the associates of Drug lords.

They use children in the deal because they can easily aviod cops and the cops don't shoot down kids like the shoot down grown up men if we run. jeff drops me in a public place by night and I just goto the prostutes mostly women and sometimes get the money!!!

jeff has to do it or face torture. the sad fact is that hey won't kill him but torture him hard. I 've to help jeff because he feeds my mother. nobody takes care for even there near relatives here in NY like jeff takes care of my mother.

jeff once said he 'll kill himself after my mom and I die.

And i am not a brave person as you said :))
Jeff says that i should have been born as a girl because I give up too quickly while fighting with other street kids. I love jeff. if my mom and Jeff dies before me then i'll kill my self too :)))

feeling dizzy!!! lemme sleep see ya tommorrow evening :))

love eternal


Anbu said...

Yeh kya ho raha hai...i am totally confused..

Nupur said...

Way too much is going on in here!

You take care gurl...!

Anonymous said...

Still no new post?????

k. will wait!!!

Take care



Stone said... this Arunima's blog??

Crush said...

Hi Arunima! Hi Neil!

Good thing i stumbled on this blog and came across you two.

Arunima - superb blog! really thoughtful with good flow and readings like this! keep have been writing diaries from start..quite rare talent....and quite different trait...of course on the good side.

Neil - i would like to talk to you in person. You sound like a superb kid. You don't have to be physically strong or need to give a good fight to be a 'man'. Its all in mind. If you don't quit...its you who is a compliment to the word 'man'....and you are doing a good don't you quit!

Life comes in all flavors...good and bad is something your attitude decides...its you who rule your own life...its you who decide...its you who make the choice...what is forced on you is not your choice...hence not your fault! don't try to explain things from other's or for that matter world's standpoint! the world may take you can spend your life trying to justify yourself and still you may not succeed....look in your mind...think what you have done...think why you have done...if you find it right...your life is worth matter how small...and my have done more than your what you do is for the world to learn....don't hesitate to educate it! I would love to know more about you...if you don't can reach me on to hear from you.

Apology to the owner of this blog for this thread...its out of place but i felt like doing it.


Anonymous said...

This topic is simply matchless :), it is interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

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