Friday, January 21, 2005


Nursing an aching back. No, I would rather say enduring a back pain. Was in the bathroom. I just bent and got a weird sound from my back. Had to hold the tap to support myself.
Most of the girls had gone to work and didn’t bother bothering the few left. No time to lie down too and now it’s screaming murder.

Thank God! my boss owns a diagnostic centre too. Doctor suggested an X-ray. First I fled the scene and decided on a pain-killer which has failed to kill the pain.

Doesn’t look like a slip disc cos I am still able to sit and walk. Nevertheless, to have a peaceful week-end, went ahead with the x-ray.

I thought the day would be very bad but I am enjoying the cranky world, cranky people and cranky me. Had some very light moments. Asked a candidate why he has changed 4 jobs in 2 yrs? He replied,
“Ma’am , I was not doing what I wanted to do.” Then, this was written on a resume:
“Skill set: Try until success”

Was on a calling spree. It was nice to listen to some ringtones. One had the dialogue from Devdas,” Babuji ne kaha Gao Chordo…”, then there were songs from Swades and all the latest movies. Then I called up my ex-colleague and her phone rang,” Tu tu hain wahi dilne jisse apna kaha”. I said, “patahain gadhi, phone kabhie mat kar”

Now, I am in a cranky mood and hence some cranky songs.

Whatever these songs mean

Mirchi mirchi, dhoti ko phaad ke rumaal kargayi
Telephone dhun me hasne waali
Ek chumma tu hamka udhar dede aur badle me U.P Bihar lele
Hiladung U.P, Hiladung M.P

Me ek disco tu ek disco, Disco 82

So, wish you a happy UP BIhar this weekend.

You can add your nonsense songs here.



Chakshu said...

Lots of songs that I have heard as the Phone ring tone, I hate "Hazard" the most. Get well soon.

Manish said...

Take care Arunima.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arunima,

it means that you should take some rest this weekend :))
have you been running around toomuch lately???
It must only be a silly sprain :))) i think from what you described :))) some pain killers are really silly they give you a dizzy feeling but the real pain remain :))

4 jobs in 2 yrs is not bad, here in NY my friends change job 4 times in two weeks :)))

Finally i'll submit a song

Cats in the Cradle -- Ugly Kid Joe :))

This is one of the most touching songs I 've ever heard :)) and the most meaningful one to parents and the most melodious. You can't help but cry if you hear it with understanding the meaning!!!!

Know what the person who wrote this song was asked one day by his wife "When will you realize that what you wrote in the song 'cats in the cradle' will soon be true about you?" yes he was not spending time with his son either. He promised to do it after the trip he had planned to. he promised he would spent time with his son as soon as he got back. But...

That was his last trip!!! he died during it :((((

Take care arunima!!! Get well soon and pray :))) cause it helps a lot!!! nice to hear your voice again:))



Smiling Agony said...

Dear Arunima,

First of all - Get well soon !!
I linked you up on my blog.
Happy U.P. Bihar to you.... ( I am from U.P.)

Neil - Cat in the Cradle is a very good song. Have you heard "Tell Laura I Love Her " Its touching too. Its about a lover who takes part in a car race to earn a prize for his love but dies.

By the Way - Why do you use Anurima's blog - Why don't you blog yourself ?? You have ample talent. If you lack time use rediffblogs - its very fast and hasslefree.


Arunima - Enjoy the Cranky mood !!
Happy U.P. Bihar once more.
Bye and take care

Anonymous said...

hi Shantanu (happy heart)
Kevin also told me that I should start blogging.
i asked Jeff (the person who looks after me) told me it is dangerous and will help the cops to track us down and get clues about waht we do and he said he cannot trust me because I donot know how to keep secrets :))

Any way its only a couple of months and I'll be no more.
Arunima and manish have been very accomodative in my case though I started off abusing their blogs they are two good souls I look forward for meeting if there is a heaven on the other side of life :)))
Their blogs are the places I look forward to read every night, and it has give me something to look forward with happiness and cherish after a long time after my mother was isolated from me.

Will read your too shantanu :))

Take care Arunima, Manish, Shantanu and kevin :))
And Arunima take rest and if possible get your back massaged with some good ointment. It helps to get cured fast :))

Tell Laura I love her is realy heart breaking!!!

God bless you al :))



Himanshu said...

Hi Arunima,
I am a regular reader of your blog since last 5 months.
Keep up the good work & take care.


Anonymous said...

hey arunim,
take care of back it is a real painful thing..and a very obstructive thing as well...
hey i dont know the lyrics but you gotta hear bhojpuri songs...ultra laughable that too along with videos...i bet u wouldnt sit still...

Akruti said...

Damn those backaches and neckpains,takecare girl,and dont depend on painkillers,and good to see u on my blog after a looooooong time,i was reading all ur posts regularly:) and now u dont tell me that i already have lots of admirers so u wont put in a comment in my posts:((( aajkal harkoi yehi kehraha hai yaar,and i miss all the ppl who used to put in their appearence there:(
Hmm,i was abt to write a post on the worst songs in hindi music world but then u did the job:)
heard that song " teri nani mari tho main kya karoon.." something like that,yeeeek,i hated it.
oops,this is getting big,hmm,u takecare dear:)

Stone said...

Hey....hope u feeling better now.
Loved that.."babuji ne kaha...." bit, that was absolutely hilarious. :-))
Heard that 'dubbed' song from Dalpati.."nach lachak naach lachak kar..lachak-2 kar naanch" ??

shub said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! what a funny post....too many painkillers, eh??? ;)
take care of that back girl....looks like it need some serious medical attention...

manuscrypts said...

cranky indeed :)

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Nice Post! And a nicer blog!! Keep writing :)

Nupur said... have been dancing around haven't you..?!
Hope you've got urself a nice massage on the weekend or something. Take care..a'ight!

nits said...

Hey Arunima,
Let me add one of the recent songs to the list of your cranky songs, Its by far the most stupid song I have heard recently. The song is "Chidiya Chidiya .... Badhiya Badhiya.. " from movie "padamshree laloo prasad yadav". Going a little bit off from topic, I am sure if the quality of hindi songs keep on deteorating like this, very soon we will have a software writing songs for hindi movies, if all it takes to write a song is to collect some rhyming words. I wonder what happened to the creativity of hindi lyricist and musician, off late what ever movies I have seen or what ever music I have heard is copy. Hindi movies scripts are copied from some english or south indian movies.

By the way take care of your back ache.


Kevin said...

'Aching back' - why don’t you ask some of your friends to do some massaging. Use 'Moov' uh se ahaa :)) .. Take care lady.


vandy said...

Heard that song?
Neelay naino waala , Mera lucky kabootar.....(sanjay dutt Mahima Chawdhary)
God knows what it means.

Pallavi said...

hope your back is feeling better by now !!