Thursday, January 13, 2005

Peeping Toms

A landlord had fixed cameras in a room of some college girls in Pune, TOI screams. This news provoke me to share some incidents and about the lives of women.
A few days back, two men climbed our hostel walls to peep and see girls bathing. They were two of them and even managed to open the window seal. The girl inside got the shock of her life. Somehow she managed to switch the light off and come out. Another girl in another bathing room saw one of them and she claimed that it was one of the guys who come to scrub the floor. Supposed to be from a very poor family and God fearing. Could be true, as outsiders would not be able to make out which room is where and what leads where. It simply means he hid himself somewhere in the hostel and did not leave by evening.

What was it that he had to go even against his livelihood to see the female skin?

In another hostel, the security guard only peeped inside the window. The girls screamed and next day saw his moustache shaved clean so that he couldn’t be identified.

In another hostel, some people had pasted obscenities in the gate. One man climbed and was showing off his private part. He was beaten up black and blue. Serves him right.

Girls often share with each other the experiences but when it actually happens to them, they find it tough to react. Molestation is just too common.

Many of my friends and myself have been victims of some sort. I stood staring quite and numb in the middle of the road as did many of my friends as that bastard ran away. Nothing hurts more than your modesty being touched. There were times when we hunted down some men just because they gave some comments too, but think about those meek females, on the road sides and often voiceless. We are so called ‘educated’ with a mind of our own that we sometimes even believe that we might just be strong physically too.

In the name of independence and self-respect, we roam around braving the night, lonely lanes and even men.

Sometimes some cars slow down if you are walking slowly in a deserted lane at night no matter how decently dressed you are, thinking you for a sex worker.

I don’t know who is safe and what is safe? On the other hand we have our bollywood actresses ready to drop their dress even before the proverbial ‘drop of a hat.‘
Somebody has said that in bollywood only sex and Shahrukh Khan sells.
If media reflects the public and public reflect the media, are we a sex-starved nation?

The professions where a woman earns more than men according to a survey are modelling and prostitution. Have we women been just chasing a chimera?

Some of our male counterparts have changed for the better though. ‘Retrosexual’ man has evolved to match us. A man in corporate clothing holding a baby in his arms seem to be the perfect picture that represent this term. Grow up men. Match our sense and sensibilities. We face all odds and we still survive.

It’s enough of listening to your silences in front of the T.V. Enough of boosting your morale when your ego takes a dint. It’s your turn now. And yes, enough of acting we love the kitchen. Give us a break!!!