Thursday, February 03, 2005

let's talk about love!

As I post this, a scene rather the last scene of the movie “Love Actually” runs vivid on my mind. Old friends, children, parents, husband and wife, lovers, colleagues, associates, comrades… getting united.
Different colours, faces, races, ages captured in many frames and just one emotion in all of them.

Celine Dion has sung it beautifully, ”There are people around the world, different faces, different names, but there is one true emotion that reminds us we are the same. Let's talk about love!”

Me and P, ok Papillon, as he loves to call himself stood waiting for a friend in the airport whose flight got delayed. I stood as a spectator to many such unions but this particular one has stayed with me.

She came out neatly dressed in trousers pushing the trolley on which sat her little one. The moment she came out, her eyes searched for her husband who had been waiting eagerly for their arrival. Her eyes, on finding its destination looked towards the kid again. She bent and whispered to her kid. Perhaps, something like, ”Look! Dad is there”. He walked forward kissed the kid and lifted in his arms. Quitely, they started to walk away together, wife pushing the trolley, kid in his right arm and his left hand resting protectively on her shoulders.

They didn’t wave at each other, hug or even talk that much but looked lost and content in their own world.
I stood mesmerized at the tenderness in that togetherness and the quite display of emotions without displaying much.


shub said...

awwwww :)
strange, this morn on teh way i was humming "falling into you" by dion! :) haev a great day girl!

makash said...

grrr, its that time of the year again.
when if you are single you look so out of place and everyone give s you these hostile looks which roughly translated mean


but life goes on

wishing and waiting

Braveheart said...
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Braveheart said...

Oh thats well observed by you Arunima. True love exerts the power of attraction, its never hungry for it. So its beauty is in a serene calm of your soul, which can only be seen in the eyes and felt in the touch. Anything else, is a shady way of displaying it and is certainly devoid of any meaning in it.

Dreamcatcher said...

Subtle, sweet and touching:-)

goodwill hunting said...

sweet little observation....a few lines about the essence of love from "THE ALCHEMIST"

It is we who nourish the soul of the world,and the world we live in will either be better or worse,depending on whether we become better or worse .And that's where the power of love comes in.Because when we love ,we always strive to become better than we are ..

but unfortunately all are blessed with LOVE..feelings are not always reciprocated and hearts are oftn broken ..

shobz said...

celine dion also sang "lady... treat her like a lady. you'll make a good girl crazy if you don't treat her like a lady". let every man know that.

Akruti said...

Love,or feelings neednot be expressed always in words,or with loud body language,its a subtle way of expression which makes the moments more memorable:)
nice words there arunima:)

Stone said...

nice :-)

Pallavi said...

life's tender moments !! when I was awaiting my hubby's arrival at the airport, I was fascinated by a reunion of a family which had father, mother, brother, babies, nieces, nephew, grandmom, grandad... and it was sweet confusion.. LOLOLOL.. when my hubby comes and taps on my shoulders... ta da I am here and you are looking somewhere else... LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...