Friday, November 26, 2004

to the party

Scene: walking in M.G and Brigade road

She: We should have planned properly
Me: yup. I can’t stand those pretty females all dressed up and sexy.
She: Don’t tell me you’ll commit suicide.
Me: If I don’t die and the ceiling breaks. You’ll pay the fine to my warden?
She: ok. Shall we shop? We still have some three hours. Which will be the closest shopping mall now? Let’s buy the earrings from here.
Me: ok. But let’s see what dresses we have first. Wear your skirt with the slit.
She: My legs!!!! Need to wax.
Me: where is the time? Use the razor :-)
She: lets go and check out here.

Scene: Enter, fancy dress, Exit trial room, enter, fancy dress, exit trial room, …

Me: let’s go. What you have is much better. Let me get my clothes to your place
She: What about the hair? I want to set it properly atleast.
Me: Just leave it.
She: It will be messy
Me: then tie it. I am telling you it’s nice. God, this is not the first time I am lying but forgive me.

Scene: At home in front of the mirror

She: I cannot come now. I have soaked my spaghetti top.
Me: Rinse it and get it out. I’ll iron it else wear mine.
She: see, if the colour matches
Me: yup. My tummy can be seen?
She: It’s ok. Once in a while flaunt it.
Me: ya ya, after all my tummy know. You have no problem with me showing my tummy
She: The same way you have no problem with me leaving my hair. As it is, it can be seen. So, don’t bother.

Scene: At home after the party

Me: Paid to buy myself a headache. I ate two slices of cucumber for dinner.
She: I danced with blah blah blah
Me: That idiot held my waist and spun me so bad. My feet were not in the ground. After that I got this bad headache:-(
She: The fact that you didn’t eat shows the gravity of the situation:-)
Me: Massage my head it’s aching
She: You massage my legs instead. It’s hurting
Me: How about your neck?
She: huh!
Me: Huh!

Sigh! the pain girls take to be in a party.


Srini said...

As long as it wuz worth it? No?

Stone said...

O'Gaaawd, thats hell lotta-effort.

Pallavi said...


Akruti said...

Gosh,that's too much of an effort,:),hmm,lady,so u r back.

Braveheart said...

Oh..thats such a girlie blog. And you wrote it so well!
I just can't relate to it, but it feels pretty interesting ;)


anbu said...

Agree with Akshaya...Can't relate but interesting

s! said...

wow, that's a lot of effort!! ;-))

arvindiyer said...

I see a beautiful contrast from ur last post and this one..DOWN AND OUT and PARTY...hehehe, yea...Bangaloooroo sure takes a lot out of ppl..Have a disprin and get some rest:) take care.

Surinder said...

: )) ... lots ..

manuscrypts said...

totally with u on the last sentence :)

Anamika said...

Yeah, Party Delima,
What to wear, What about Hair? ha ha ha

Ubermensch said...

as u said quite eloquesntly* a pain.*..

shobz said...

it is an effort alrite. makes me realise how much we are willing to take that extra effort as we are so wont to it but them men! uh huh!

Vishnu said...

Wow,so thats what happens backstage ah.. :-).

Crush said...

hey! i liked that!! ;-)
its cute as hell!
sometimes its even more hilarious for guys gettin dressed!

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