Wednesday, December 01, 2004

what I did last weekend

Before another weekend winks and goes, let me talk about what I did over the weekend. After dance, J, me and K went for the movie, "13 and going on 30". J enjoyed for reasons best known to her.

It's one time watchable. Liked the fact that the lady in lead finds herself as a thirty year old and working for a magazine. Media has always attracted me. I have tried writing for some very famous magazines but the very few times I have tried, they have never been selected:-( . She finds herself seen as a snob by people around her.
It's about getting a chance to go to the future and then back in time and save what you still have.

Went bowling after the movie and I really pondered, What if the ball remains behind and I go rolling instead? The first three attempts went down the drain. By the fourth, one of the staffs came up and showed me how to hold the ball and throw. Even J started performing. Many times I failed but, I remember the only time I managed to down all the pins. We call the targets, 'pins' right? If it's wrong somebody correct me. Yeah! my day rather my night was made.

Then, we went hogging ice creams in 'Corner House' and came back triples in Kevin's bike avoiding the main road, traffic police and singing "Anda Anda Anda" from "Zodi No.1"

Watched "Dance with me" on sunday. What legs! what dances and what moves! There was one song which we also dance in the class. Was really happy to see that.

So, folks I am having the time of my life. touch wood! rosewood! teakwood!
(please don't give up on me. I'll try to post at least two times a week. )


manuscrypts said...

mmm corner house..."death by chocolate".. :)

Pallavi said...

mmm Manus ... also French Apple Cake with Ice Cream !! LOLOL

Anda anda anda !! hahahah 1! nice

makash said...

am glad that you are enjoying urself. was in the office the whole time. did u see the movie in the new multiplex or someplace else.

Stone said...

*I call it their plain bad luck for not selecting ur writings.
*Yes, they r called pins.

shub said...

it was amoeba wasn't it? yup..they r called pins, and when u down all of them at once, its called a "strike" :) seems like a fun time u had!!
cornerhouse!! fresh strawberries n cream....yummmmmmmmmmm!

s! said...

give up on you?? now why would we do that!! :-)

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

finally u saw d movie ;) I like d music n songs in tat movie.. even dance ;P

Hemanshu said...

girl we are behind you all the way... so keep updating whenever you can!

makash said...

i am so glad that i met you online and not in real life. would never have known about your blog and the sweet person that you are.

take care keep writing and dream on

you make me smile everytime you post

Arunima said...

yep manu, pallavi, shubs,
dead by chocolate, apple cake with icecream, strawberrys and ice cream. yum yum !

I order 'Rum Iceroy' cos it's got rum ice and roy:-) talks about my appetite. But my friends should order something else, so that I dig from their shares too on the pretext that mine is a bit bitter.

Rambler, it was at Symphony and thanks a lot, I'll keep posting. (Saurabh and Hemanshu too)

Arunima said...

Stone, Shub,

yeah! I know a strike and pins now.clap clap

Satz, whatever nice is said about the movie is right.

runa said...

Hi..first time here...nice blog. i used some parts of ur nov 3rd post in my blog ( the text back to ur blog. i hope u dont mind. thanks

MMN said...

Haven't seen the film yet, I don't know if I want to either.
Hey. somebody came and taught you bowling? Never happened to me in my life.:(

Anbu said...

and Knocking down all remaining pins during the second ball delivery is called Spare.Delivery that rolls off the lane into the gutter is gutter ball.We have a tamil movie too titled "New" with the same theme.Here its hero who turns from 8 to 28.Although it did well commercially it got lamented by critics for vulgar dialogue.

despiteme said...

i know what you mean about not having time to blog...sigghhh i am supposed to go clubbing tomorrow...but thats after 2 hari raya open houses...siiggghhh...where does one fit the gym-ing into this schedule???

Arunima said...

ebony, I am flattered that you found my words worth enough to be used again.

MMN, me born lucky :-)

tmcpix said...

Thank you for posting the My Fair Lady Lyrics. Its interesting to reread the original Pygmalion by GBS to see that all the great lines in the L & L lyrics are there in the original play. The G Kukor film is just about my first desert island choice: I can watch it endlessly. It almost makes the idea of life with it, Alfred P Dolittle, and nothing else appealing.