Tuesday, November 09, 2004

kama salsa

On Sunday we had a Salsa workshop after the class by some Newyork based guy.
Written on his T-shirt:
" The art of Kama Salsa"
" Kama n. a sensual pleasure of desire"
"Salsa n. a social dance that results in Kama

With respective images:
" Dancers in the dark
Awaken the salsera
Man of discipline
A rush of blood
The joy of salsa
‘S’ hits the spot
The recliner
Temptation with a twist
The big dipper"

He taught various ways of leading the lady, how to go about single spin or double spin, how to guide her in a social dance where you don’t have enough space etc etc. most important, he told to have eye contact with the partner which most people don’t. I am sharamless so I always catch the eyes of my partner even if he tries to avoid :-)

Hope the pushing and pulling by some of the galloping guys reduce.

Many complimented ‘J’ and me. They said we are the most pleasant among girls and we do not frown when they miss steps or do not lead us properly. I am glad I didn’t give my blog address to them.
There was audition for female dancers. Many came with their parents. Appreciate the parents. I wouldn’t have gone if we had to give auditions. Surprised how I was asked in the first place.

They have to strain every sinew of mine to eke out a performance from me. I am downright lazy and keep forgeting steps.

We were in the class from 11 am. to 6.00 pm. Lunch was a fruit juice and kulfi. If I go at this rate, people will need a microscope to see me.
R and N came out in their Scorpio and asked if we would care to join them for a coffee. Pat came the reply,"No thanks, some other time" in a chorus. After they left, we stood staring at each other wondering why we turned down. Both of us were tired and damn hungry and had to wait for long to get an auto


:: S-a-t-z :: said...

When I read the title.. I thought there is something intresting waitin for me 2 read.. but I cldn't find anything wat I was expecting.. ;P

Happy Diwali.. Hav gr8 weeeknd ;)

shub said...

hey i envy you! salsa classes n all!!!
but i certainly dont envy the kulfi n fruit juice snack
! i mean, how could u? taht wudn't suffice for an hour!

Arunima said...

satz, I understand buddy ;-)

Shub, there was no time for lunch n we didn't realise that it would take so long.

Pallavi said...

ahh very romantic this salsa... love the moves...
and have a great diwali :)

MMN said...

"Kama Salsa"? On a T-shirt. It is as cheap as having "My dad is an ATM", I feel :P
So you know all these western style dances, Tango, Salsa etc.etc.? Good. How about Indian ones?
M would have come on a bike and asked you out for a coffee, but was out of town :P

MMN said...
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s! said...

Happy Diwali Arunima.. and enjoy the salsa! :-))

makash said...

glad to see you at your cheery best :)
shubh dipawali

Arunima said...

happy diwali to all you guys. MMN, it would have been my pleasure. I wouldn't have made the mistake of saying no again;-)

learning salsa, merengue, jiving and cha cha cha.
Indian I know Manipuri, a bit of Bharatnatyam and all the nautankis.:-)

manuscrypts said...

having a ball, aint u?? :)

Anonymous said...

hi arunim,
me's a firstie visitor to ur page...bon visitorie!
speaking of salsa there is a salsa school in managlore, been wondering y i could never get myself to be there probably coz i like many(most, moster,mostest,) guys hav 2 right feet... :-)

Surinder said...

hey :) .. Wish u a very happy diwali :)

have a great year :)

take care :)

shodZ said...

salsa!!! there are going to be a lotoof guys after u.

Anonymous said...

who is arunima?


Chakshu said...

Salsa Wow, I can't move my feet :)

Arunima said...

Anon, Arunima is meeeee:-)

Shodz, if u are twenty something, female , single and independent, guys will always be behind you whether u salsa or not. What matters is who the guys are and ofcourse who is behind you n whom you want to upgrade from behind you to beside you:-)

Anbu said...

More than arunuma m more confused about r,z,j and other alphabets now...

QuaTros said...

Hmm..salsa..I have a blogger friend EnJay(http://butthenagain.blogspot.com) who learns salsa too. :-) Mebbe you folks learn salsa at da same place!

Vishnu said...

Hey Arunima,where can i find Salsa classes in Bangalore?Pen down a comment in my blog please....

Braveheart said...

If posts about your personal life could be interesting, this one is the best example :)


Salsakid said...

Hello all, I love Salsa but I do not have a pard. I think Arunima is talking about Anup, right arunima? Any girls looking for a salsa pard, contact me. Adios!