Monday, November 15, 2004

of chocolates, diwali and weekend

From the past few months, I have been eating chocolates almost everyday. Courtesy, Software Engineers.

Friends who had gone on-site and their friends who had gone onsite gave them to me from across the globe. Diwali was a continuation of the sweets and the chocolates. So, Software Engineers aren’t so boring. I just love them. Slurp! Chomp! Chomp!

Now, I know how it is to be Jayalalitha and having to offer an olive branch to Sonia Gandhi :-)

It seems chocolates are good aphrodiasacs.
I think it’s time for me to be committed. Not because I have been eating chocolates but because I am at the pink of my health and I miss having headaches.

Diwali saw me walking up and down with a rocket for almost half an hour without being able to burst it. Pataofying guys seem to be easier than bursting crackers.
Visited ‘J’. Saw her burning up a long stick which is provided to burn crackers on the gas stove. Said she thought it would start to sparkle. Proving yet again, why we are friends.

Met up with oldie,Prasanna who has come on business at Barista, M.G’s. He is a bundle of funny bones. There was a game where we had to roll dices and they should read ‘John Players’. Mama Shakuni style, I said, "Bhaanje pobarah!" but got John and John in both. Prasanna did it. Then, he solved a jumble too and we got free coffees and a gift voucher. So, for me it was like two free coffees. Didn’t forget to add, "See, I bring luck" :-)

By the way, been searching for a Burnol or some coolant. My a@&# is on fire. Got deadlines and I don’t know where to start.


Chakshu said...

Try an Ice Pack, that should help :)

Stone said...

what does 'aphrodiasacs' means? ;-)

shub said...

i'm waiting my share of chocs tomorrow when half my team gets back from London! :D

manuscrypts said...

s/w have their uses too :).. and a good place to start is W as in WORK!! hehe

MMN said...

Happy Diwali, belated :)
Stone : Here you go. You could have guessed as well ;)

One entry found for aphrodisiac.
Main Entry: aph·ro·di·si·ac
Pronunciation: "a-fr&-'dE-zE-"ak, -'di-zE-
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek aphrodisiakos sexual, gem with aphrodisiac properties, from aphrodisia heterosexual pleasures, from neuter plural of aphrodisios of Aphrodite, from AphroditE
1 : an agent (as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire
2 : something that excites
- aphrodisiac also aph·ro·di·si·a·cal /"a-fr&-di-'sI-&-k&l, -'zI-/ adjective

Stone said...

@MMN :: hahahaha...thanks ;-)

Arunima said...

thanks, MMN, you did my job,lol ;-)

Pallavi said...

free coffeee yeaaaaa !!!

romila said...

I should have hung around lil longer in Barista that day to join in the free coffee, dice game and yeah! Prasanna:)Chill, babe.Just kidding.

Arunima said...

lol@ romila. anytime.