Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I saw ...

I saw
  • a couple in rags sitting by the roadside, sharing a meal from a plastic bag placed on a newspaper
  • a lady almost 8 months pregnant, begging. Does she have a home or a husband to go back to?
  • a couple fighting. She fumed,’Are u deaf?’ He kept of walking ahead without a word.
  • a few girls doing some kind of gymnastic. Are they safe in the streets? Child molestors and rapists do not come with horns. Worst still, will they give themselves up for a meal or a few sums of rupees?
  • a couple walking hand in hand. The lady had polio. Her husband walked slowly with her in their own pace unmindful of the mad rush around them.
  • a baby girl standing in front of her mom’s two-wheeler, balloon in hand. The balloon suddenly went afloat a few metres, fell on the ground and bursted. Both mom and kid craned their necks to see it. Mom looked at her kid’s face again. She looked more disappointed than her little one. Mothers!
I tasted a slice of life.


MMN said...

At Point no: 3, Is he dump too? :P
You seem to have tasted the senti side of life. Follower of confutius? :D

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

I c these more often!!
When u wait in signals.. wat do u do?


IdeaSmith said...

Wonderful....ur post was sensitivity, the last line was a work of art.

Stone said...

Today at one signal I saw a boy(hardly 5 yr old) with a real tiny monkey in his lap, asking for money....
For motorists signals are great levelers...but a view out of window is really disturbing.I know i'm sounding disturbing....scene here at Delhi signals is really pathetic.

Arunima said...

yes, I guess he was dumb too but by choice this time:-)I enjoyed it though. it's not only the senti side. Some were thought provoking, some were sweet. ok if senti then, some were sweet senties.

Stone, thats what I did.
isn't it nice to just observe sometimes?

Surinder said...

wow :).. an excellent post .. agree with idea smith .. last line waa a work of heart ... mothers ... yeah :)

Braveheart said...

Well, came to ur blog for the first time and kinda liked it!

I dont know why, but the undertone of this post seemed to me so much like "The Stranger" by Albert Camus.

Anyway, good going.
Someday, i'll find time to read all your posts ;-)