Saturday, September 18, 2004

Bangalore to Udupi

My Kannada has improved over the years. First I said only 'left, right' to autowallas. Now I can say 'Go left, Go right'. I was extremely confident about myself and so I wondered why is this brother-sister duo acting as if I am going for an expedition to the moon in some NASA spaceship?'. I guess I made the mistake of telling them that I am travelling alone by road for the first time. Got my answer sooner than latter.

'Where are you?' 'I am in front of Hotel Brindavan.' 'I told you Ajantha not Brindavan.'' Err! I thought Brindavan was Ajantha. I am going towards it now.'

Having never missed an opportunity to take leave before, I couldn't join 'J' few days earlier to her home town. Gave my best professionally cute application and managed a days off to stop 'J' from complaining that I don't plan to visit her unless I have other friends to think of.

Her brother spoke to the Conductor and told him where I am supposed to change the bus and where I am bound to be despatched like a parcel tag and all. Couldn't complain as I have been behaving like one. Remembered my mom instructing the driver of my school van, 'She left her bag in the school yesterday. We had to go and fetch it again. Please just check when she comes home'

My seat was the first one on the left, diagonal to the drivers butt. I didn't have a co-passenger by my side but whoever oveheard Jeevan instructing the conductor became suddenly kind and helpful. When it was time for me to change the bus, almost three of them told me I have reached. Again, I was left waiting for the route no. 2 bus being instructed by the first conductor to their staff in that stop.

Embarassingly overwhelmed with people's kindness, I was received with hugs by 'J' and Aunty the next day.


Handa said...

Whenever someone acts nice I am more than surprised bcos I dont believe that anyone can be nice.. I mean, why should anyone be nice. What does he/she hope to achieve out of being nice? I just dont get it.

romila said...

Should there be a reason to be just plain attentive and nice?

Arunima said...

whatever be the reason, I reached safe and sound and I am grateful to those who were nice to me:-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Arunima when there is time...Everything has a reason to enjoy.