Monday, September 13, 2004


My eyes are squinted,
my steps have faltered
but I have never stopped looking your way.

I am cursed never to part with your memory
I am cursed by it's obstinance to etch deep.
now, I no more even want to try.

I miss you,
I miss us
now, I even miss the tears and the agony it gave.


Anonymous said...



romila said...

Why spoil a perfectly good present by living in the past???

Anonymous said...


Every woman has a man who loves her
Rise or fall of her life and death
If she finds him in this life time
She will know when she looks into his eyes

Every man has a woman who loves him
In rain or shine or life or death
If he finds her in this life time
He will know when he presses his ear to her breast


Stone said...

Heartily know,
Gods arrive,
When half-gods go.

Handa said...

and u ask tht why am i depressed??

Anonymous said...

I miss you tooo.


Handa said...

You never reply to comments kya ??

Anonymous said...

Hello Arunima,

I am new to this 'blog-theory' and as of now satisfied with just reading other people's blogs. Perhaps someday I will start my own. Came across yours and really liked your style. Kept me going on till my work hours got over :-) Keep up the good work...hope to see more.


Anonymous said...

I also miss you


Anonymous said...

She is not missing all of you...but only!!!!!!!!!!

Arunima said...

thank u guys for your comments. your commments have sure cheered me up. Now I am starting to miss everybody. :-)
See Handa, I have replied to the comments.

Thanks a lot Rachna. Hope to improve more. It's fun u also start blogging.

Anonymous said...

I Miss you ...