Monday, September 27, 2004


ouch! I can't even sit properly. Have been parking myself in different angles on my seat from the past so many hours. Every tendon, ligament, muscle in my body is aching. I guess I am having a tennis elbow too. No, not because of holding a heavy bat, playing too much or being over-burdened by endorsements. It's something else.

Applied Moov for J. She asked me, 'Your body isn't aching at all?' I said no, and today I couldn't peel myself off the bed.

well, we are on the verge of becoming (dance)professionals. Mr. A asked us if we are interested to join the professional group. Took it as a privilege as we will be sharing the same platform with the group I had admired in one of my earlier post.

The warm-up session was terrible. Made us split and hold ourselves in that position. breathe-in this way, breathe-out that way. Jump, kick and God knows what? We were left panting only after the warm-up itself. Mr. S, the instructor for free-style made us dance out of our skins for almost 4-5 hours. If dancing is a joke then, it's not funny.

Then, again we were confronted with many questions,'Are you gonna be the extras in movies?', 'Are you gonna be item girls?','Are you gonna be like Saroj Khan, or Farha Khan?' No, none of the above as I guess I don't have what it takes to be one of them.

I will perform for the sheer pleasure of it when it doesn't collide with my office work. Leaving a few students, others are working. Two other girls are Software Engineers,one is a television actress (very pretty) and then there is me and J. Nice to know that there are people like us who take up a hobby seriously.

Wanted to learn the guitar too but, that has to wait now. Thought it would be fun playing 'tweng-tweng' all out of tune songs till the wee hours and test people's endurance or get pickled.

Haven't informed my parents though. All my mom will tell is, 'Who will marry you?' I am trying to work that out too mommy:-)


MMN said...

Hmm... Aspiring Danseuse cum choreographer, eh? I guess to become like Farah Khan or so, you have to have good contacts or probably somebody should be ready to take the risk of giving a debut choreographer a chance.

Let us see how the plans for my film take shape, I might have a requirement for a choreographer.(definitely not an item number, don't need a separate choreo for that, I can do it myself)

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Dancing is a nice exercise..
Y dont u try SALSA, may b u cld find a life partner there;P

Arunima said...

Satz, I am doing, salsa, jive, merengue and cha cha cha too. too many partners. couldn't settle for one:-)

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

If u put the address of ur dance skool here..
may be I can giv a try too ;P..

Hav u seen the movie called DANCE WITH ME? tat's nice movie, esp i like the background score in tat movie

Truly Me said...

try salsa. it wud be real fun!
and so is line dance.

s! said...

hi there arunima

came by your blog from ravi handa's.. you seem to be having a full life!! i would have thought your mom would be proud you're doing so much stuff, won't that make you more eligible?!


Arunima said...

Satz, one of my friends took the trouble of telling me the story taking half an hour over the phone.would love to watch it. the institute is studio 5678/figurine fitness. it's got many centres across the city.

Gans, I am enjoying the salsa too:-)

Saurabh, thanks for visiting my blog. Please someone tell my mom. I should show your comment to her but then, imagine her reading all that I have posted here:-)

s! said...

heheh, yup.. mom's are a NO-NO when it comes to blogs!! ;-))

Vishnu said...

Hey Arunima

Bunker 13 is a book from Anirudha Bahal-Tehelka's co founder.A good read will make you she away the 'Lakshya' image of Army people(though i still want to keep that image).

Dancing is fun.My only stint were some dance numbers back in college.Since iam no newbie to music,iam planning Guitar bug time....