Friday, September 19, 2008

you've got to do what you've got to do

S has plugged his guitar to the amplifier. There is some function in the neighbourhood and they are playing songs since yesterday with mics put up in the four directions. I am trying to blog but also give company to S and sing along with him. He is playing Metallica and I don't have an ear for their music. I can't even pretend.

He is playing Bob Dylan now. I am singing out loud the lines that I know. I can pretend here.

We have a dance competition coming up in the office. I have choreographed for our group. I thought there'd be not many groups participating but came to know there are at least 9 groups. We are at an unsavoury dilemma too. It is in a few days time and we are still looking out for a girl to participate.

All of us had nominated ourselves online and we decided to come together without knowing how the other danced. Two of the guys are just not doing the steps right. There is no synchonization, no rhythm. Looks like they are scratching something in the air or throwing some katchra while shaking the wrong body part. One of them said he has even asked his friend to take the video. I felt like dying. But they are really interested, which is endearing. So I have told them, 'let us all smile and have a good time.'

You've got to do what you've got to do. I started it. So, I have to see through it somehow. The good point is the other girl is damn good looking. She is nicknamed 'bomb' by some male colleagues. We may get some points by virtue of her being an eye candy.

Been coming home late because of the practice. S asked me, 'are you late because of work or the dance?' I say, 'the dance.' I am not sure if he is a little frumpy or just quiet but as I shower and come out, he'd have started cooking as it is too late and I am too tired. With a pang of guilt, I decide to spend good time with him after dinner and catch up with a movie together. Ten minutes into the movie and I am asleep like a log.


austere said...

Good luck.

I can't dance. 2 left feet.

manuscrypts said...

wow, am not alone in the world, there are more guys like me (the dancing, not the cooking ) :D

Cynic in Wonderland said...


Arunima said...

@cynic: I'll try :-)

Anonymous said...

story of my life too till some time back... get home late (because of work in my case), hubby lays out food while i shower... sit for a movie post dinner and doze off in 10 mins! am trying to bring in drastic changes now.

Pallavi said...

well you know your efforts were worth it.. :)
Cook him a nice dinner and hot make up time later and you are there.. LOLOL