Monday, September 22, 2008

All about the I

i associate memories with dresses, songs, situations and even ring tones.

i have dreamt about the blogger Pallavi twice. Her face as i see in her pictures is not the same as what I saw in my first dream. She was riding a bike in my first dream. In the second, i dreamt there was a bomb blast close to her house. It happened a few days before the Bangalore bomb blasts. i grew up in a place where there are frequent bomb blasts and hence, the bomb blast dream (is my thinking).

i would like to have a pet dog someday when the living space allows me. i had two pet dogs. One passed away in the year 1999 and the other passed away this year right after i got married. She was 15 years old. She did not recognise any of us and was almost blind but it looked as though she held on until the marriage.

i donate clothes quite often, but i still have too many clothes. (Trying to cut down sincerely.) The former BU where i worked was close to a huge retail outlet, which we nicknamed ‘temple’. We’d say, ‘let’s go to the temple’ and go shopping. Now, i feel i am working in a desert.

i don’t think it is possible to be friends with your ex (es). You can just be cordial.

i can conclude my past relationships as thus: one man i loved, one man i let love, one man i wronged.

i married the man who looked me in the eye and made me see my mistakes but loved me nevertheless.

i have become more religious and spiritual after marriage.

i have another job offer right now, which i have decided not to take up. i have stayed the longest in my current organization and i think i’ll be staying longer.

i thought it would be nice to get drunk and lose control in front of your lover but i don’t think like that any more. In fact, i never drink more than 1 small peg and i drink only when S is around. i count his pegs though.

i have 2 nephews and 2 nieces from my 3 siblings. Ankita is the eldest and I love her to bits.

i can never give up eating fish or eggs. i can give up chicken though i have no immediate plans.

i have not been able to finish Kunal Basu’s ‘The Japanese Wife’. Have been reading it since a long time.


austere said...

Glad to meet you.

You're so honest. Admire that.

And funny, too.

Romila said...

An idea: Why not sell off your unused clothes at 85% discount?

Another idea: A minimal 10% of the gain can compensate for giving out free ideas :)

manuscrypts said...

an i for several i's .. i like these posts, it tells a lot about the writer.. the songs association with memories works for me too, i think ringtome would be only one - the airtel tune i used to have some 5+ years back :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

An I post, after how many years of blogging?

AmitL said...

Nice going,Arunima..a very frank 'update on my life' post..As Austy says,'Glad to meet you'.hehheh.And, thanks for the link to Pallavi's blog-I'd misplaced it.:)

Stone said...

Only women can talk about their ex(es) or past relationships on their blog.

I once tried writing something of that sort and my current relationship almost became a 'past'.

Arunima said...

@Stone: :-)

Anonymous said...

Strangely even i dream about bloggers i have never met or interacted with.
this post i like :) know you a little better now.


Ritu said...

Missed many posts these past few days. Somebody's been clacking keys huh :-)

Liked the one about ur hubby learning to strum a song just coz u can sing it. How romantic is that truly!!!!!

"I" was always and congrats on the award..even though you decided to keep it to yourself!

Jayanta Oinam said...

This time you bring us so many I's, it seems our I's can also be found here. In fact, my "I" was lost somehow, while reading the post.

Solitaire said...

Some very interesting Is here.

I can never give up eating CHEESE.

Keshi said...

I can never give up on eating seafood :)


Thangjam said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while's a great read. Waiting to read more...


White Magpie said...

sex..ex..x -- once it happens, is history ;) Thankfully, I have a bad memory so all experiences are new to me...

I should attempt some phunny posts like yours methinx...

Pallavi said...

I know its not good to be friends with exes... hahahah !!!

Good read..