Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Award Giward

Finally, somebody got the point and gave me an award. It is the Brillante Blog award. This is what he said about me:

“From award related strife
To wonderful slices of life
Everything is of consequence
On Arunima’s Silent Eloquence
Thank you very much.

This tag is an attempt to discover and connect to more blogs, and as part of this, i have to write a post and display this award, and finally tag 7 blogs which appeal to me in content or design.

On second thoughts, this award must have been started by an award- starved person like me to infest the blog world with awards.

On third thoughts, why should I pass it on to others? If i can award myself, i can very well break the rules. All of you play award award while i show it off. Somebody has to play spoil sport. Ting tong!
Ye award tujhe dedoon thakur?


manuscrypts said...

hmmmph!! :p

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima...I thought I said 'congrats'.:)But,I don't see the comment.So,Congrats again.:)

Xeb said...

mujhay mujhay! :P

Xeb said...

thankyou thankyou! But now the issue is that my technologically challenged brain does not seem to comprehend how the award is to be displayed. Help please! :)

austere said...


Xeb said...


Put up award! :) *yay*

claytonia vices said...

Now you owe us an emotional tear-jerker of a speech... "First of all I would like to thank... blah blah blah weep sniff...blah blah"