Sunday, September 14, 2008

phir dekhiye

"Aankhon Mein Jis Ke Koi To Khwab Hai
Khush Hain Wahin Jo Thoda Betaab Hai
Zindagi Mein Koi Arzoo Kijiye
Phir Dekhiye ……

Hoton Pe Jis Ke Koi To Geet Hai
Woh Haare Bhi To Us Ki Hi Jeet Hai
Dil Mein Jo Geet Hai Gun Guna Lijiye
Phir Dekhiye…….

Yaadon Mein Jis Ke Kisi Ka Naam Hai
Sapno Ke Jaise Us Ki Har Sham Hai
Koi To Ho Jisse Apna Dil Dijiye
Phir Dekhiye….." ~Caralisa Monteiro for Rock On

Just love this song from the movie, Rock On. The vocal, the guitar and the piano are just amazing and it has struck a chord with me. Think I must learn how to put up songs the way Blues does on his page. S has learnt the guitar for this song just so that I could sing. Thank you hubby!

Was part of a fund raising event and witnessed the autistic children of Asha foundation perform on stage. I was so touched. They really made me cry. It seems the prevelance of autism is increasing by the day and moving towards an autistic child for every 150 in this world.
After getting married, the dream of a house has gone big and bigger. In the papers, I seem to see only the ads of apartments. We would be enslaved to EMIs for the next 15 to 20 years, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming. The house is not going to happen this year. Maybe, next year or the year after that...

I have been getting offers from some really good companies. S is mighty pissed because I negotiate and renegotiate, make them offer what I want and finally reject the offer. Next day, I am back to the telephonic interviews all over again. He complained to his friend A saying he doesn't understand why I am doing this? A replied, "I don't understand it either, but I do the same thing." he he he.


claytonia vices said...

Wow, I like that song too! It is one of the songs that was playing in the music store that made me buy it...

Yeah, it can get on everyone's nerves when u keep bargaining like that! ;) And soon you will run out of companies to negotiate with! =-o

austere said...

Loved that "negotiate and renegotiate".

BEST for the house.

AH to have a dream!

Arunima said...

@claytonia: it is not that I tell them I am rejecting because of the money but it is just that I find something good to stay back.

I know how I am driving some people up the wall though. It is like bride hunting I tell you. :-)

burf said...

you are reaching that 100 thousand mark :D

Khuman Ngakpa Oinam said...

Lucky that you are in Bangalore so that you can atleast dream of buying a house someday.

Come to Mumbai, you'll start having nightmare when you see the prices of houses.

manuscrypts said...

hubby plays the guitar? now i have to meet him!! comics, music.. :)

Pallavi said...

I loved Rock On !!! And I love that song.. Pichel Saat Dino me.. Totally..

Invincible said...

That's a beautiful song. I listen to it almost everyday.

A house in Bangalore !! To me that sounds like a fantasy as high as walking on the moon. Good luck there.

Arunima said...

@Pallvai: yup, that is also quite good but the difference is that I cannot sing it, but this one I can sing.

@Khuman:*tweng* I have fainted already by just hearing about it.

@Invincible: It is like walking in the moon for me too but I have started thinking about it.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Please, please, please teach me how to negotiate? I sound like a pathetic wimp whenever i try. i need to now. HELP

claytonia vices said...

Ooh yeah, I saw the similarity too, in this kind of job hunting and a certain kind of bride hunting!! :D