Monday, January 28, 2008

Bling Bling

The fiance is supposed to have a meeting with his manager and some board members of his organization and he has been visited the by great Loose Motion.

The stomach has its own reasons which reason knows nothing of.

The wedding is on the 4th of March. We bought the invitation cards. I was excited and felt for the first time that I am getting married for myself and not for my mom. She has been the one more excited about it than me. Perhaps, she cannot take any more of my break ups. :-)

I am used to the new routine of getting up early and coming back early. Now I know ten ways of reaching the pick up point on time. It’s only that I end up sporting different hair styles depending on the speed that I reach the pick up point. So if some colleague (no, let me add jobless) err! If some jobless colleague looks at me or my hair, I make a face as if I am calculating Pi to the 27th decimal like Vernon God Little and step into the cab. Taken stock of the situation and started reading voraciously on the journey to work and back. The eyes need some more training to get adjusted to the motion.


ALI said...

//The stomach has its own reasons which reason knows nothing of.//

That is soo true... :)

romila said...

All the best on the upcoming wedding. And I hope I'm getting one of those wedding cards:)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

and congratulations on the fiance bit!

claytonia vices said...


plush said...

pi to the 27th with "jobless ppl" staring at our hairdos eh...:)...hav fun..

austere said...

off topic:

Dr Maisel’s book tour is up today, please visit my blog and read/comment.

Aqua said...

hope your fiance is better now.

4th of a few weeks away...and then it's bye bye freedom LOL

Congrats Arunima!!!

illusionaire said...

lolz at Aqua. Don't worry Arunima, you can even turn this around and make it a ball & chain situation, come March 4th :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima,wow-so,the D day is pretty close-congrats!

A big smile at your thought of *getting married for myself and not for my mom*.

Hope the fiance's Loose Motions prob solved themselves before he met his boss.

haha to sporting different hairstyles on the way to work.Happy reading.