Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Organic Post

Everybody is getting concerned about health and the environment. So, I thought I should also start the new year with an organic post.

Well, first thing first. I finished my certification course. Yeah!!! The results are coming sometime this month but I finished and that's the point. I will be listing the things that I managed to do in the year 2007. It was tough but I enjoyed it and having a colleague for company really helped. She motivated me to finish the assignments on time. The series of tests toward the end were a little taxing. Had to do a lot of research.

I allowed myself to be distracted at times. Distractions came in the form of social networking sites. All these days, I never found them interesting but the day I had to submit the assignments, Oh! she is my classmate from school. Oh! he is my ex-colleague. Hola! his album is interesting. Brrravo! I got her scrap and she got my scrap and he got his scrap.

I even sneaked to my ex's profile and ogled at his palatial house. I knew he is from a rich family but I didn't know they were that rich. So, 2007 was also about eye-opening no , not to the wealth of some people but to the fact that, you need to manage time and not be distracted if you want to finish your assignments on time and not sit till 3 am (which I did).

The year 2007 has been good for me in many sense.

Things I did:
  • Learnt swimming after wishing it for many years.
  • Tried the guitar and realised I am not a person who can sit in one place and go tweng tweng. It was just meant to impress someone, which I did by many other things. I just couldn't go beyond the effking C cord, that too after having to cut my beautiful nails. I am a better singer and a dancer than a guitarist and I am happy that way.
  • Completed a course. Yes, it was not the Pissed Graduation Diploma in Male Bashing but whatever it was, I am hoping it would enhance my career.
  • Got a promotion and got a good hike.
  • Got promoted and re promoted as an aunt by colleagues and siblings and like Rani Mukherji in the blue film of the year, Saawariya, I likes!
  • Getting transferred to another Business Unit. That way, I'll be stable and within the same organization. Transfer to happen soon but the interview and the selection happened last year.
  • For the body, seldom took the lift. Climbed to the 5th floor almost everyday unless I was getting late to work. Tried walking to the office which is about 4 kms away, a couple of times. I also went swimming.
  • For the environment, reused plastic bags for grocery. The big stores generate a lot of plastic. Food coupons from the office forces me to do buy my grocery shopping from these stores. For a strand of coriander leaves also, they insist on a plastic cover for easy billing. I consciously carry them in my bag each time I shop.
  • J came down twice and also got back with childhood friends like it was in school and chatted away to huge phone bills.
  • Was committed to one person and decided to get married. Deciding was the most important part. I have found my tall, dark and handsome guy in a short and fair one. :-)Wedding to happen this year.

A post on him coming later, I don't want to mix romance with plastic bags and coriander leaves.


Stone said...

All the best!

Mamta said...

Great Dear CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love ur blogs and keep visiting here..mostly when I am in the mood of reading something interesting and different. I also learned swimming this yr after waiting for a long time inspired by ur blog..:-)

Aqua said...

OK your last bullet point made me forget what the rest of yr post was about :) Congratulations m'gilr!!!! (grins widely) and here's a healthy dose of e-kaala tikka. waiting for the next post about him. and yeah, i spent the better half of this year getting distracted by these damn social networking sites :)

RK said...

Happy New year. Happy Birthday. Congrats on commitment. Congrats on all achievements - swimming, plastics, certificate and romance ! May you have more eventful year ahead!

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-here's wishing you a,err,healthy and organic New Year.

Hearty congrats on all the achievements during 2007,from the promotion to learning swimming.:)

And,of course-finding a soulmate...waiting for a post on him!

vekspace said...

congratulations madam... :)

do let us know when and where the wedding ish!!!

take care and do continue saving the world,


austere said...



Organic, plastic, swimming etc etc ARE etceteras.

plush said...

:)..hav a nice,clean year aru n congrats!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! That's a hell lot achieved in a year!! Congrats! Waiting for next post :)

Haobam said...

Seems like you'd a great year. All the best for this year :)

romila said...

Hey! So finally you're hooked & booked. About time, girl.

Congrats on the promotions, hikes (treat! treat!), and the ultimate decision.

Stray Visitor said...

Congratulations!!! Your name is most suitable for the song:

Mubaaraqein Tumhein Ki Tum
Kisi Ke *Noor* Ho Gaye...
Kisi Ke Itne Paas Ho
Ki Sab Se Door Ho Gaye...

I just hope that the blog would continue. Wishing a great year ahead. Congratulations once again.

Dreamcatcher said...

Congratulations !

manuscrypts said...

congrats i say :D ... are fellow bloggers gonna be invited? :)