Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'd rather...

There are 2 offices of my company within 4 kms from my residence but I have opted for the one which is around 15 kms away from home. Yes, the grass is greener on that part of the city and it is so beautiful and I can see dinosaurs. Naturally, I have been dreaming on the way.

When I was working nearer, I used to crib that I cannot see the sunset but now, I am forced to see both the sunset and the sunrise and everything else in between. Life has become only about the never ending journey to work and back home.

This is the first week and I may get adjusted to this routine but as of now, it is about sprinting, running, somersaulting, doing whatever works, to reach that pick up point on time. The first day I went in formals, neat and ironed with well coordinated accessories. The auto ride was like a picnic and I took in the landscape of Bangalore that I had never seen before.

I wouldn’t go into any ‘gun jumping’ that what happened from the second day will go on forever, but the train of thoughts in the morning has been like this,” Well, jeans and T-shirts are the most comfortable clothes to work. But this is the same pair that I wore yesterday. If you wear another pair also it will be blue only. One blue doesn’t differ much from the other blue. Besides, nobody cares and while you are trying to take the other blue jeans out, the clock will tick way and you might just not make it to the pick-up point on time. So, grab another T-shirt. Yes, it is ok to wear the same pair of socks also for another day. Wait! Pray first before you wear your shoes. Now, run.”

I have another thought cropping up right now and that is, I’d rather wear fur than go naked to work. I have other choices though and Britney Spears should support PETA. She will hit two birds with the same stone.


austere said...

It is work work work and run run run, isn't it?
Fur? In Bglore? A nav-vari saree more likely than not, imho.

Arunima said...

@austere: There are many options

manuscrypts said...

*looking around for fur clad women* :D.. how've you been??!!

Oneirodynic said...

At some point of time,we will all trekk to respective work places.