Tuesday, August 02, 2005

movies and more movies

There is always the fun of watching a movie in the first week itself. I try to do it though I am often unsuccessful. There are some friends who try to catch up on the premiere before it is released and blog with spoilers. Yes, mean but fun for being the first. So, here are a few lines on each of them. Would have loved to do elaborate reviews but too much garbage is bad.

Meine Pyar (phone) Kyung Kiya? : Don’t insult your intelligence by thinking, just laugh.

Fantastic Four: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Anyman. Change the character and all are the same. But that is what we expect and enjoy too.

Sarkar: The father of bollywood, Mr. Amitabh is acting in every movie or is lending his voice and he still rules but the best part is Abhishek is not overshadowed by his father and pulls his part well. The son of the angry young man is heading to become the gentleman of bollywood with his charisma and panache. I loved every ticking second of the movie. Though I have read the book, I am yet to watch the Godfather.

Dark Waters (or is it Black?): Decided better things could be done rather than parking our asses on the seat so, left halfway.

Parineeta: Everything good that I heard turned out to be true. Loved her Fragility and the steely endurance. I cried for her, I cried for love, I cried for myself. How I relate them, I don’t know. I just do it. yes, I am a sucker for melodrama, give me more!!!!

Last heard, some people of Abuja cement has resigned as Saif broke the wall too easily.

The Island: After heavyweights like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon ( haven't watched The Rock), It's natural to expect much more from Michael Bay and harness certain prejudices. The Island is not an ideal summer umm monsoon pop-corn flick but it is very much digestable for one- it can be enjoyed more on the big screen, two- Scarlett Johansson is a luminous and good camera subject (liked her from Lost in Translation), three- the two protagonists-Lincoln Six Echo (McGregor) and Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett) play the characters with conviction and credibility, four- The film succeeds in making you feel for the characters, five- There are sci-fi premises, blistering action sequences with futuristic flying machines much to the likes of video games.

Based on the much debated topic, human cloning, Lincoln Six Echo, a clone of a Scottish playboy and many like him live an aimless life in a container which is isolated. All they know is that they are protected from contamination. The only hope in their desultory existence is the promise of life in an idyllic island which is supposedly the last uncontaminated place on the earth. He stumbles to the truth of their existence one day and escape with his co-inhabitant, Jordan Two Delta- who turned out to be the clone of a Calvin Klien Supermodel. The chase, the truth and the debatable concept is worth looking out for.


Himanshu said...

I just mised the classic "Meine pyar kyon kiya". ;)

Adding it to the hit list which i am gonna complete as soon as i'll be back.

BTW had a chance to watch Black Friday. Good one.


konje said...

Some reviews....
Have seen Sarkar...Amitabh is no doubt a class actor....Abhishek is no far behind.
But you should see GodFather esp the first part. You will just love it.

Jo said...

I saw Sarkar and Godfather, so obviously dissapointed with Sarkar. Amithabh was over acting, but I was amazed to see the performance of Abhishek. He beat his father with in the performance. Also I liked the guy who played the role of "Solozzo". No one else is exceptional. And they didnt know how to use background music in cinema.

Handa said...

have seen them all.. and saw them before you :P

Arunima said...

@Handa: what makes you think thet you watched them before me? you must have watched only parineeta before me.

Pallavi said...

I have to watch the Island ... :) And Dark Waters which I will avoid.. rest Maine pyar.... avoid... and umm yeah thats it

@nu$h@ said...

hey arunima,

been to ur blog several times, never got to comment.

Just wanna say keep up the good words!!!


AmitKen said...

out of these i've watched 'Maine Pyar...' and 'Sarkar'.
While i liked Sarkar i thought the first half was too slow and yes! Abhishek was superb,
watching 'Maine Pyar...' caused me headache & made me think 'Maine yeh Movie KYUN dekhi?'

Island is something i'll watch this weekend :)

s! said...

i like this, you seem to be posting more often! :-)

Whistleblower said...

Your posting just reminds me of an article that I wrote about comic superheroes like Batman, in which I referred to Fredric Wertham's 1954 book The Seduction Of The Innocent. The book claimed that most comic books were perveyors of sexual innuendoes. Wertham accused particularly the makers of Batman and Robin of pushing a gay agenda. I have posted this article in my blog.

IdeaSmith said...

Godfather - the book was better than the movie.

I agree with comics being loaded with sexual innuendoes....primarily male-targetted I think, which is why so many men are comic lovers.

Manish said...

In one of the comments, I read -"Amithabh was over acting" & " He(Abhishek) beat his father with in the performance"

I am offended!!!!!!!

Fun_Da_Mental said...

High time I improved my frequency of visiting your blog! :O) Just realized that I had missed quite a few things here. I spent almost half an hour to run through all your posts updated since my last visit and I am glad I did! It's always pleasure reading you! :)

Oh and btw:

My opinion on Sarkar - Ditto!

My opinion on Parineeta - Ditto minus crying. :D

Goan Pao said...

Sarkar and Parineeta were good watches...as for the rest I could have made bette use of my time throwing darts at my bosses face....(boring.)
never really liked any of Michael Bay's movies..always has a good starcast with a disappointing movie..though the rock was OK..

I dont know if its me..but could someone care to point out the similarity between godfather and sarkar....its based of the same storyline but nowhere did i see a scene to scene copy..
Im a big fan Coppola fan and hv seen the movie several times but am i missing something here..

Khushee said...

Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya was alright. It wasn't as funny as some other Dharmesh Darshan movies that I've watched. I loved Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, for instance.

Parineeta was alright. I liked it too.

Haven't watched any of the other movies that you've listed :D

Arunima said...

yes, Goan: I don't think anybody pointed out that it was a scene to scene copy. The skeleton was similar. It's was fleshed differently. :-)
don't be upset

Hemanshu said...

Glad to know you are enjoying urself.

Stone said...

I'm eagerly waiting for ur next post :-)

Arunima said...

yes Hemanshu, thanks!
@stone: good things happen to those who wait.

@ideasmithy: Interesting angle. I also feel they refuse to grow up. that's why men love comics.

@nu$h@: thanks for dropping by

@ Manish: me too. Jo, it is mass offense. but then, you have your freedom of expression.

@s! : I am trying

tiffin said...

lol on the ambuja cement thing. The climax ruined the otherwise excelent movie.

Arun said...

one time, i went to see 'Gupt' and just after the interval, some moron scremed from the back, 'bhai log, khooni kajol hai'! WTF!! i sat thro' the movie though, with fingers crossed that the guy might be wrong! sadly, tht was not the case.

Frm tht day on, i became the king of spoilers. i made a decision to sit in the back row and yell out!

And u know wht, I love it! yeah, i am freak...but WTF!

nice one...eloquently 'silent' reviews compared to the ones that we c in newspapers!

paddy said...

hey wud u like coming to my blog . i m celebrating friendship week .

n.g. said...

i loved dark water, but im a sucker for japanese horror.

what did u think about 'yahaan'?

sathya said...

hi arunima,
Sarrkar was an awesome movie. Abhishek was just awesome, after Yuva and Sarkar i suddenly seem to be liking ABhisek...
Did you see Yahan? The heroine Minisha Lamba seems to be real cute. Sad we cant get to watch movies first week in Mangalore :-(

PS : reference to prev prev post I too haaaaaaaaaaaate Harry potter

manuscrypts said...

thats a lot of movies!!!

Stone said...

still waiting!!!!

Mr. Singular said...

Dont see Godfather cos u'll get obsessed with it.. after seeing that movie u'll find Sarkar disappointing cos they copied even the theme music.. LOL

tony said...

Just came back again..last time ur comment box wouldn't load.. went and watched the island since then, the other day... Nice one and scarlett was just great... but half the time was spent raking my brains where i had seen Ewan.. came out still thinking about that.. I felt like a such a loser and i didn't want to google it.. And it was only yesterday that i remembered Moulin Rouge... Am still trying to think where i saw him after Moulin....

Arunima said...

@Tony: eh! nice to see you here.
@Mr. Singular: URL please if you blog that is.