Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My daddy bestest

Dad retired last month, the same day Stone’s did. It was so sweet to see your post Stone. A few months back, when mom tried talking ’post retirement plans’, it seems he got angry. Retirement is a different ball game altogether, a new phase of life. I wish my mom a lot of patience, tolerance and love towards my dad as she is the one who has to balance between a very short-tempered companion and another 7 yrs of service :-)

I can relate to my dad as someone who has always been busy that at times I felt I missed growing up with him. Like most other Government Officials of my state or in the North-East, he too had a love-hate relationship with his job- vehicle being hi-jacked and burnt by militants, being marooned to some place unknown, being instrumental in installing new projects just to see them bomb blasted and destroyed the next day. I remember dad skipping breakfast many a times rushing to get things done and then sulk when such news were heard.

On the brighter side, we were exposed to many cultures and food habits from a very young age, had many friends and traveled a lot. Amidst his busy official tours and schedules, he did manage to iron my uniform and polish my shoes.

They gave a big farewell party. It must be really touching to leave the job or the department you were associated with from the start to the end of your career. Like all daughters, I like to believe that my dad is faultless and I am proud that he is the first Telecom Engineer of the state.

I admire his eager life and know he will find some very interesting hobby. I only pray that the bottle doesn’t come in between.


s! said...

ahh, i understand the feeling.. i also wish my mom the best of luck for when dad retires!

Parna said...

i saw my dad go through the 'just retired' phase. the first year or so is the more difficult one. like most of his generation, he started off and retired in the same place, the attachment being a zillion times more. i would go so far to say, that unlike many of us, the job makes a major part of the the identity of the folks from our dad's generation. wish your dad the bestest.

btw, i too have a similar background like yours :)

and why would the 'bottle' come in between? do enumerate if you wish.

Arun said...

I remember...i was just 13 my dad retired. i didnt like it! y? 'cos my afternoon freedom was taken away by pop sitting at home. i had mornign shift school and i used to like coming home and seeing that the entire house was under my helm for my antics, which is hard if u have an elderly home! It took some time, before i roped my dad into my antics. hehe. yes, they say, old age is childhood revisited.

JW said...

Best to your Dad (and Mom of course!).I think he has earned his chota peg.

Ash said...

Good luck to your dad, but I think your poor Mum need more luck ! I know my Mom is already dreading the day my Dad retires and lounges about the house, getting in her way :P !

akash said...

really nice post :)
my dad got retired and went into this not interested in anything particular routine. That was three years ago. Now he has a new job and is so busy that my mom says that he had more time when he was in the army.

the last comment is a SPAM, i guess you should remove it.

Anonymous said...

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Stone said...

I'm speechless!!!
Exactly same scene happened at our place, when mom tried to discuss 'post-retirement plans", he got angry!

He always aimed for perfection, he never settled for anything less then perfect. Thats the reason why he gets irritated when he sees my casual approach to many things.

too good post!!!

AmitKen said...

wow... thats a wonderful post.. and touching.

the mention of bottle in the end, made me smile :)

hope and love said...

:)) im new to ur blog..
liked it.. very touching..
all the best for ur mom..!

Ritu said...

Hey. That was sweet. Really, finding oneself with nothing to do after an eternity of having no time for even the regular things can be tough on anybody. As much as the wishes your mom needs, your dad will need to be dealt with a lot of patience too. If he wants to get into some kind of a consultant's job, (many men at his age and position do), it may just be worth his time. Most often, its the idleness of the brain thats more frustrating for a retired person, than the physical slow down. As long as he keeps himself mentally occupied, this will be as enjoyable phase in his life as any other! All the best to your parents!

Jo said...

Wonderful post. Did you see "Abou Schmidt" starring Jack Nicholson?

AmitL said...

That's really touching,Arunima.Good luck to ur Dad for finding a good hobby,for his spare time.Suggestion:Teach him to blog.

Arunima said...

@Amitl: what if he finds my blog and faints?

@ Jo: nope, I haven't

@Ritu: please leave your URL.

@Akash: Thanks. I have removed it permanently.

@hope and love: Thanks. I'll be there in your blog soon.

d4u said...

Nice post:-)

n.g. said...

the bottle never comes in between. the bottle, if anything, spurs you on. i speak from experience.

Arunima said...

@Ritu: He was offered but he has rejected due to the scenario there. It would still mean dealing with some parallel government which he feels he has had enough.

Ritu said...

Hi. I can understand your dad's predicament. Hell, just one year into a govt like setup and I am dying to get out! In any case, I hope he finds what makes him happy. And so does your mom!

Hemanshu said...

I know what you mean, and I wish ur dad a proactive post-retirement life. Maybe you could instil in him a love for reading, and if he does have it in him, send him books!

There are many other things to do, such as promote non-conventional enegery sources (something my grandfather has taken up post-retirement). There are always avenues to choose from.

All you have to do is look around, and suggest a couple to get him started!

Arun said...

I know the feeling.

Dad retired 8 years ago and all of a sudden, life changed for Mom. But in a good way. They would go out on dates for lunch and generally take off for a weekend once in a while.

Beautiful post! Will come here regularly!

~ Arun

Ashish Gupta said...

in a few years me too gonna face a dad retiring :-ss (already nail biting). I am afraid he'll be very bored n lonely considering his active life. and mom and he will surely find a good time together :)

thinking I will ask them to write about bringing me and didi up so well- didi needs it rite now and in a few years I too will be in need of some such fundaes ;)

heyy forget the bottle. Give him a pen to write something about the times 'when daddy was a little boy' :) I am sure you'd love to discover the kid he lived!