Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reality Check

Life is difficult.

“The Road Less Traveled” by M.Scott Peck also starts with this line and life is easier by accepting this fact.

There are no free lunches (even for eligible single girls. There is always a motive behind the free lunches if you observe)

Everybody has an option. (Be it your client or your BF/GF)

Time is precious. (So is every ticking moment of my life. Not going to squander it away. )

Money talks. (Need to work harder, need to work smarter)


Parna said...

so many words of wisdom and by the time, quite early in the morning too.... :)

divya said...

wow..great words i agree with most except the money deal..

Ritu said...

Deep stuff. Surely makes one halt and think.

Jas said...

Looks like you were completely influenced with whatever you wrote. No wonder you were giving so much Gyan yesterday!!!! ; ) Good one though!!!

n.g. said...

But the best first line in the history of publications belongs the hitchikers guide to the galaxy.

'Dont Panic.'

Arunima said...

@Divya: Good for you if money doesn't talk in your world.

@Nish: I read it and loved it.
Yet I didn't want to ignore them.

@Ritu: short term memory, please leave your URL.

@Jas: Thanks sweety! LIfe would be boring without some sounding boards like you. :-)

Invincible said...

Quite absorbing.

My 2 cents..

Life is difficult. Yes, thats the purpose of *this* life.

Free lunches? How @ eligible single boys. OK atleast a dutch :)

Everybody has an option. Even youself (and myself .. all of us).

Time is precious. The bloggers are excluded.

Money talks. Yes, sometimes in deafening noise, and our words die out silently.
Money and work? you seriously think they are related.

Arunima said...

@Invincible: I think I should agree on your 4th point now. When I posted it, I treally meant it :-)

for the last one, for me I guess money is related to work. I wish I could relate it to lottery or marrying a rich man :-)

zypsy said...

Life is difficult - yup, it's a constant struggle though it has its quiet, crazy and exhilarating moments.

There are no free lunches (even for eligible single girls. There is always a motive behind the free lunches if you observe) - if you leave out the exceptions (love and friendship), the girls have a motive too.

Everybody has an option. (Be it your client or your BF/GF) - right, but your satisfaction level may not be the same

Time is precious. (So is every ticking moment of my life. Not going to squander it away.) - yes but so difficult to remember it all the time:-)

Money talks. (Need to work harder, need to work smarter) - if u work hard, make sure it's noticed, guess "working smart" covers it.

Manish said...

Arnold Shcwarzeneggar in Terminator.

I will be back!


tony said...

Quite true, except the free lunch part.Sometimes but Not always you know, sometimes you really feel good treating someone.. but then maybe ur feeling good in return is price eh!!

Nupur said...


Totally agree with - Need to work harder, need to work smarter!!

Arunima said...

@zypsy: therefore...(since there is a motive)

The satisfaction level will definitely be higher if it is a client with the option. Could be even for GF/Bf but yes, if you really love that person, it will never be the same.

Agree on the time part. See, hoe I am replying to comments. I guess I need a hike for this.

@Tony: good point.

s! said...

surprise surprise.. there actually are free lunches!! you just need to know where to find them.. ;-)

click here!!

Goan Pao said...

Life is difficult.
Oh shoot..and i thought it was gonna be easy..

There are no free lunches: What about weddings and lunch meetings and free lunch coupons.

Everybody has an option: Option what option...where do i find it? option some kind of a body part or is a brand name..gawd your killing me here..

Time is precious. You bet it is..check out the value of a single Rolex.

Money talks: To whom. I carry a bunch of notes and Ive never heard them speak.

lol.... ;)

Arunima said...

@s! : Expected from you. :-)

@GoanPao: Send me those notes. Let me see.

About Rolex, I am not even talking. Some people have the cheaper versions from Dubai too :-)

Kevin said...

So who is taking me out for a free Lunch :))

sathya said...

hi arunima,
liked the part about freee lunches :-)

Arunima said...

@kevin: pass the question to Tony and s!

aqua said...

at the moment i am waiting for my free lunch to happen.. :) which does not seem too likely now.

n.g. said...

and remember, the answer is forty two.
now all we got to do is find the question.

Kevin said...

@nish : How can you be so sure that the answer is 42. "Time is precious :)".

Anorion said...

lol@goan pao

yeah life is difficult, but as God said, "sorry for the inconvinience"

nishita said...

ame across ur blog and went through few of your previous posts
and quite enjoyed it.very thoughtful.

Life is difficult.....ABSOLUTELY

There are no free lunches .......or dinner or breakfast...nothings free only the
currency differs(if its not money its affection ,friendship on the positive side ...on the negative what not)

Everybody has an option......but not the will and the mind to use it

Time is precious....u know it when u know its never gonna come back

Money talks. sure, does rest may sing but for some hard talk its always money

Nikhil said...

was looking for people who liked 'the last song of dusk' and stumbled across your blog...93.44%of people here haven't even heard of it,leave alone reading it..and should i say 'nice blog'???!!

Ritu said...


Surinder said...

wow !! you got it so right in those 5 lines ! :)

you gonna have a great life ! :)

Pallavi said...

Definitley work smarter... LOL rest follows and yeah dont forget to always laugh your troubles away.. :)

Arunima said...

I'll try to that Pallavi. your comments are always an inspiration.