Friday, July 29, 2005

Caught my attention

“On July 30, India will make its biggest noise against the global killer HIV/AIDS.

In a unique effort to spread AIDS awareness, the ministry of health has asked all citizens of Andhra Pradesh to make as much noise as possible, as a way to announce their fight against AIDS.

Drivers have been asked to blow their horns, housewives will rattle their utensils, police officials and ministers will blow their sirens, cyclists will ring their bells and curious onlookers will scream, moments after Andhra Chief Minister Y.S. R Reddy reads out a public pledge to fight the disease at a sports stadium in Hyderabad. The pledge will be taken by and in front of over 3,500 VVIPs and who’s who of Hyderabad.

Over 500 street plays will be performed and 500 condom machines will also be installed and inaugurated on the same day.

Condom blowing and tearing competitions will also be held.
Four renowned filmstars of the South will flag off four rallies. The rallies will culminate at the stadium where the public pledge will be read out exactly at 12 noon. It will be broadcast live on the national television. This will be by far India’s biggest and loudest public campaign against AIDS.” - TOI

And here I would like to share the punch lines of a small film where my friend’s sister has worked on. The concept is simple and very beautiful made with young adults as the target audience. The shots are straight forward with light music on the background. The theme-“Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS”

I am just a normal girl,
I help my mother,
I love watching the T.V with my family,
I love surfing the net,
I dance alone…..Sometimes,
I love to read
…and I am aware about

I am concerned
I am aware
I am safe.

Then she says it in her own voice, ” I am also an AIDS activist. Be concerned. Join the campaign “

Let’s share the issue
Feel the change.

SASO world AIDS campaign, 2004.


Kishore said...

It certainly is a noble cause! But making noise..?? Somehow I dont feel good about that. Is making noise needed..?? Think of the old and sick lying in bed in houses and hospitals and imagine all vehicles honking all around them..!!

And there certainly could be a better way than making a balloon out of a condom!!

paddy said...

i agree with kishore

some more persistnet and effective measures should ne sought for

Φ said...

gud start to voice concerns but not the gud way though..

nice place u have here arunima..and such a lovely name as well

Au revior

Arunima said...

@kishore: why do you think I blogged it? :-)

Stone said...

2004? :-)

Arunima said...

yup Stone: 2004. The film was for the year 2004.

paddy said...

on the other thought i think that the problem does require to be dealt with in a bizzare manner..

in this country no one wants to hear talks on sex related matters in open

so make them listern something else that too they wont like to listen .

but still it must be bad for ill people...

Manish said...

Not sure its the right way to create awareness!

Pallavi said...

Thats a good way to share awareness..

AmitKen said...

the condom blowing/tearing and making noice may seem strange and avoidable, but i guess to spread awareness about something like aids in a country like ours where talking about sex/aids/condoms is a taboo, we need such out of the world crazy ideas to make people listen and undertsand.

Ayoye said...

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