Thursday, February 24, 2005

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‘J’ dropped out of the dance because she has to finish her MBA exams. I dropped out because she has to finish her MBA exams. It was not easy, having to practice 3-4 hrs rigorously every weekend. Perhaps, we were not ambitious enough. We just went to learn Latino. They liked our styles and suggested we join the ‘free-style’ group and were ready to groom us for free. Other girls had to go through auditions and perhaps pay some fees.
All we wanted was to do just a few stage-shows and that’s why we couldn't even reach there. Everything comes with a price. Anyway, it's all about priorities. Her MBA is more important to her and I know I won't enjoy dancing alone.

Now, I try to post once a week and it's also becoming difficult. One thing is clear.
It's bloody easy to give up and stop trying.

We had our usual ‘Pyjama Party’ (those where I usually dance, sing or MC or goof up on stage)

This song was played and I liked the life in the beat and the lyrics.
“Raat Baaki Baat baaki
Hona hai jo ho jane do
Socho na dekho to dekho haan jaaneja mujhe pyar se

Kasti jawa dil ki toofaan se takragayi
Manzil muhobbat ki abto kareeb agayee
aa dekhle hain kya mazaa dil haar ke...”

‘Age does not matter if the matter does not age’~ Anon

Be young at heart!!!


shub said...

awww..too bad!!! bu ti guess ur really good na! :)
n hey did u get my offie bout teh location of the swimming pool?

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Aha! Good to see a new post from you... finally! Pheww... hey you are so right when you say it's so easy to give up! I kept visiting your blog just to find that it has still not moved on from 14th Feb. But see see I never gave up. :-)

M sure your blog has been an inspiration to write to quite a few lesser mortals like me. You better keep posting regularly ok!!! :-)

manuscrypts said...

mba is also a kind of dance :)

nits said...

Finally, a post from you, I though since "It's bloody easy to give up and stop trying.", you stopped blogging.. :)

makash said...

to fun_da_mental

there is an easier way of keeping tabs on a blog, its called RSS and you can start here

it takes the effort out of reading blogs
thats how i make sure that i don't miss out on any gyan dished out by our beloved eloquent blogger :)

Pallavi said...

I love pajama parties.. LOLOL.. been sometimes since we friends done that !! SIGH so how have you been !!

And yeah retirement is always a sensitive issue.. read your comment in Manu's blog..

you have got to inspire your dad to work with their hobbies.. my dad keeps busy with gardening and stuff which he likes.. it is fine for him..

my father in law on the other hand could not find a hobby.. he just wasted away :(

it is very important to find a purpose at this time.. and lots of encouragement from the family too !! :)

Arunima said...

Thanks a lot Pallavi. That was so sweet of you.

I care for him so much.

Mr. Maverick said...

bad :(...

Never been to Pajama party :( (not because i dont want to, but because never got an opportunity)


s! said...

you sound like you're living it up again arunima.. great!!

good luck J with your exams!

despiteme said...

Love pajama parties! the peanut butter and jelly with the goss sessions, the painting of toenails and special effects make-up, the hairdos from hell, the movie watching, the late night talking until one by one everyone falls asleep...sigghh

But nowadays when i do that, i dont look so great in the morning! hahah thats why pajama parties are for the teens i guess!

Alka Dwivedi said...

This line touched a note somewhere, its so easy to give up. bUt reading your posts, it won't seem theat you will choose this. :-)

Aruni said...

thanx for leaving a message. shall look forward to your posts too..

Hemanshu said...

Well, do wish J best of luck for her MBA finals!

Hope your consulting is coming along fine.

I see you have completely stopped gracing my blog :)

Nupur said...

:) I came after a while and I haven't missed much.

Good to see you back in action! Keep rolling gurl! OR shall I say, keep dancing!!

Mistress of Magic said...

beautiful song :)

AmitKen said...

Reached to your blog first time, and It's nice here :o)

I liked these two quotes in particular:

"It's bloody easy to give up and stop trying."
"Age does not matter if the matter does not age"

keep it up & all the best :o))

IdeaSmith said...

Hey Arunima...long time no see. Guess we're both online at the same time. R u on messenger? If so, do add me...i'm just_astatistic.