Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My angle

It seems some ladies claim that watching Brad Pitt’s ass in Troy was ‘paisa wasool’. However, I did not have the good fortune and missed the scene. This time we rushed for Ocean’s Twelve as I did not want to miss anybody’s ass. I mean the movie. Now, please note, I review movies at my own pace. Planning to review the latest movies, ‘Meine Pyar Kiya’ and ‘Sholay’ very soon.

Coming back to Ocean’s Twelve, if you have watched Ocean’s eleven, it’s more than enough.

Characters to watch out for:

George Clooney: His personality. What a thief!
Brad Pitt: This time not his ahem! Everything else.
Catherine Zeta Jones: Her presence makes the movie charged up. Red lip stick suits no one else better
Julia Roberts: Her charms. Pretty woman! She gets a chance to play Julia Roberts, the actress.

About the script, screenplay, direction: zzzzzzzzz
Action sequence: There was more action happening at the seats. I was busy digging pop corns from my friends from left and right.

All in all, one time watchable movie when you know you have nice company ( Read: Free ticket, free snacks)

If Ocean’s Twelve was bad Alexander was ugly. I almost dosed off in the theatre and J almost knocked me off with her elbow. Angelina Jolie played his mom’s role very well. She portrayed a woman of great courage and sensuality. Alexander’s devotion to his male friend Hephaestion was highlighted with sensitivity. ( My history books never told that Alexander could be happy and gay) His demise drove Alexander crazy.

People clapped when a squadron of war elephants in India attacked Alexander’s troop bringing an end to the Macedonian cavalry. I got wide awake to the noise and the movie ended. I remember one line from this movie delivered by Alexander. “ If you conquer fear, you will conquer death”

I conquer death today. I have the power!!!!! She-man!!!

Coming up… After sometime. National Treasure and Page 3. Stay tuned.


Vishnu said...

Coming up… After sometime. National Treasure and Page 3. Stay tuned.Practically speaking,when can we expect this?? :-)
And what about the Oscar movie,Black?

Seeing the rush in PVR these days,i dont think anyone can expect to see NT or Black in the near future.

Braveheart said...

Only if Brad Pitt knew better than to show his ass!
Julia Roberts? Pretty? Oh God! Everyone look better than her!
Troy was pathetic, so was Ocean's Eleven except for clooney. Ocean's Twelve couldn't ever have been better. Hoe many times have we seen a good sequel anyway?
Alexander? Why on earth anyone would go to watch Colin Farrel playing Alexander? That guy needs a thousand more years to learn how to play a sane man. Forget about Alexander!

Arunima, how about watching some good movies? Yah, try Amu and Black whenever you get tickets. Amu is surely going to be amazing.

Pallavi said...

lol pitt's ass was nothing great... just normal.. :)
O twelve.. I have not watched it yet and I am scared to watch Alexander after so many bad reviews :)

Arunima said...

lol Braveheart!

Where do you get the tickets for good movies?

Mr. Maverick said...

Ocean's twelve! Me and my friend were so pizzed off at the idea of Julia Roberts playing as herself... argh.. painful movie.

Read Alexander's review and saw that it has been criticized in every review. so didnt have enough courage to watch it.

Waiting to get an opportunity to watch Black, dont have company :(.

AJ said...

Good update...troy and Ocean Twelve are slow pace movies but ok to watch once.

Brajeshwar said...
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Brajeshwar said...
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Brajeshwar said...

For your eyes only!

National Treasure, Alexander, Ocean's 12Movies reviewed so far. Page 3; Seeing lotta Konkana Sen, bongs these days, so I will refrain from saying anything more.

goodwill hunting said...

wow "SHE MAN" great review ..try ur hands at being a professional film analyst .i am sure u'll be successful .

and try watching BLACK ..i am hopeful that it'll atleast manage to keep u awake.

anyways good to see that u came up with a longer blog .

Anonymous said...

hi arunim,
didnt see alexande, or o12, but watched page 3 a nice movie told differently, the ending of reconcilliation touching yet very believable unlike many book/story endings. Of course not all protoganists are super heroes. But thouhgt the explicit scenes with kids could have been snipped, and yet created an impact...

Dreamcatcher said...

Ocean's Tweleve was so so i went with friends and didnt lack entertainent.
but Alexander was baaaaaad...
go watch Black, its lovely.

Stone said...

pahleez add 'Black' to that list of NT n Page 3... pahlezz pahlezzz pahleeez. :-)

Anonymous said...

It is surprising how no one noticed Vincent Cassell, whos cameo i think was the only thing worth mentioning in the whole movie. The French actor is classy and the laserlight scene with Nikkfurres arabic-hiphop music in the background is the best choreographed scene I have seen in years. For those who didn't know he's married to Monica Belluci. Now talk about being lucky!