Saturday, March 05, 2005

not mine

I wish these lines were mine but heck! I whacked it from somewhere. I came across them some 7 or 8 months back as I was doing research on something else. Then, it was not my subject of interest so, I didn't save or did anything about it. Yes, but it was not from a blog. I don't remember the author to give the credits or even the beginning but the few lines that I am trying to re-produce here were profound in simplicity and sweetness.

The language will be changed as it is what has been retained by my unrealiable brain cells over the months.

"...then we began to kiss
It was not one of those sloppy kisses
where you don't know how your mouths felt
or one of those hurried ones
as he leaves for work
but it was one of those kisses
where you know exactly
why you started kissing him in the first place
and suddenly
I was not scared of growing old anymore"

Happy Birthday 'J' !!! Let's shop and party sweety


Stone said...

"Happy Birthday 'J'"
Hope u both had lots n lots of fun!

Dreamcatcher said...

Hey wish J a happy birthday.

goodwill hunting said...

hey nice lines

and well ."happy bithday J" .hehe

Anonymous said...

Let you not scared of growing old anymore in your bday too!

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Uffff... everyone is wishing Happy Birthday to J! Am I left out? Ummm... may me not. I'd rather wish you to wish 'J'. :-)

Hey btw you should write more often okie. You've got a way with word pal. :-)

MMN said...

I don't know who J is, but what the heck. Happy Birthday :).

Mr. Maverick said...

(Belated) Happy Bday to J :)


s! said...

hey 'J' hope you had a great day, and here's wishing you an awesome year ahead! :-)

nits said...

Who's J??
Well belated happy b'day any ways, who ever you are :)

Pallavi said...

growing old is sometimes scary yes .. but not with the right companion by your side !! :)

Braveheart said...

If you are learning fast enough, then growing old is worth it.

Kishore said...

It was interesting to read this on ur page - "ARUNIMA-the glow of dawn" :-)

Guess what, my blog is called "prabat" meaning the Dawn.
Check this out..
and especially

And this is my first trip to ur blog (thanks to Reshma's beaut of a blog).. Keep going.. :-)

AmitKen said...

Well!! I dont want to be left out... so here i am wishing 'J' a wonderful year and life ahead.

whats the J's mystry ? btw thanx for visiting my blog and leaving comments there. hope to see you around more often..


manuscrypts said...

so, howz the hang over??