Monday, October 25, 2004

Yogi and his Clairvoyance

If you think you are sad, you really become sad. So let me start thinking I am happy. Well, I have been very busy. Managed to peep to my blog and was reaaly nice to see the comments. Thanks a lot. Overwhelmed, indeed I am. For the first time I really feel I did the right thing by starting to blog.
Coming to mundane activities, we have a client, a famed yogi who claims to be clairvoyant too. His articles gets published in some English dailies and all that. We did his website.
He gave us a thought for the day which goes like this,"Breathe consciousness is love consciouness and love consciousness is God consciousness". As far as I am concerned, I didn't understand the head or the tail of it. P, my colleague read it and asked me, "Is he asking me to kiss or something?" :-)
Helped an old man above 70 climb an elevation on the road holding his hand. Carried his bag and walked to his gate with him. It was really heavy. Seems like those self disciplined man who doesn't want to rely on others even againsty their physical health. Nice house he had. But no signs of any bachelors. sigh! I should help more oldies I guess.
watched Bride and Prejudice. With pride I am prejudiced against miss Rai. Her don't-touch-me looks didn't do any good for the movie. Vivek might say otherwise though. I had forgotten what a bad movie was like until this happened. Was it a drama, tragedy or comedy? I don't know. I laughed at the tragedy it was.


makash said...

"Breathe consciousness is love consciouness and love consciousness is God consciousness"

As far as I can understand this --

If you are aware that you are alive (breathing) and you have a soul ( the closest thing to prana ), you are capable of love. And if you are aware of love you are aware of god. Because, some believe, god is everywhere - omnipresent. So if god exists everywhere and inside everyone, your love for another person will/should bring you closer to god.

Warning: As my name suggests I am rambler and this is what I do best, so don't hold me responsible for some way out thoughts that you might get after reading this :) . I promise I am not high today

manuscrypts said...

give those lines to karan johar..he'll make a movie out of it... "its all about breathing, loving and God"..;)

Arunima said...

:-) manuscrypts. hope kajol makes a come back with the movie.

Rambler, are you a yogi too? :-)

arvindiyer said...

hehehe,...Good one MAnu...And great to see u happy and smiling again. Not that I think u were upset earlier..
And Rambler..Whoa..slow down...But yea.there was lots of sense in what you said..
After all we all are here to take that ASTRO TRAVEL..that would help us discover or rediscover the Prana..the aathma:)

Stone said...

it made u laugh..thats what matter. :-)

Anonymous said...

as long as u r happy yogi or no yogi i dont hink it matters...........


Truly Me said...

Bride n prejudice is just an ok sort of movie.

makash said...

I am not a yogi.

But I believe in true love. I believe that the day I meet my soulmate I will attain nirvana. And consciousness or no consciousness she will save me from me.

Arunima said...

amen! Rambler:-)

Parii said...

Why is everyone prejudiced against Rai these days?? :-)

And if one works backwards, after all, from God comes love and when one practises love, there is bound to be heavy breathing sooner or later ;-) Hehe.

Vishnu said...

Hey try Yoga.They say it can change your life.Tell me if yours is changed :-)

Arunima said...

:-) wingy. she is too pretty to be real. i feel she will melt if u hug her. nice idea of going backwards

Vishnu, i may change yoga but yoga won't chnage me:-)

ashish said...

its been quite a while - diggin out my own post took me lotsa time ;)

was reading ur archives - nice memory rekindled :) thanks