Tuesday, October 19, 2004


She left behind a boy who has just started to utter 'Mama' and who would be searching for her by evening to be fed and to sleep blissfully in the crook of her arms.
She left behind, her long time boyfriend and now husband of 2 years and 8 months with whom she had taken the vow.' for better or for worse, I do' to love, to share, to cry and to grow old with.
She left behind, a good career, family, friends and a lot of questions unanswered.
smart, pretty, gentle and successful.
Mrs. A, my boss's wife left Mr. R a widower at 30 something with a small kid to fight alone.
What could have compelled her to take such an extreme step?
I have known Mr. R for almost 2 years now. Seem to be a good husband. Appreciates her a lot and is a doting father.
We were asked to close down the office for a few days. He couldn't bring out the lines properly, 'My wife expired'
Wouldn't she have liked to answer all the whys, hows, whats of her little one?
If I had a kid, I would have killed but not given up my life.
May her soul rest in peace and may he find strength!


Brajeshwar said...

My undivided condolences...

Hemanshu said...

Mine too.. though one thing I cannot comprehend from your entry is whether she killed herself or was taken away by the Gods above? It makes me think its the former though..

manuscrypts said...

one second is all it takes....

shub said...

suicide???? ouch.

Arunima said...

yup! Hemanshu, shub,

We went to meet their family. The kid was so cute. I don't know what to say

Surinder said...

hmm .. that is pretty bad .. some people just dont understand the value of life given to them ... people say that there are so many reason/situtaions/circumstances .. but i dont know how can be there anything so bad that makes u take ur life !!

i hope things get better for mr R and his kid ..

s! said...

not wanting to judge people.. but it must have been something drastically huge for her to take such an extreme step.. our prayers are with Mr. R, the kid, and yes, Mrs. A too.

Alka Dwivedi said...

It is really tragic. We never know what is going on underneath those black tresses.

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

In Japan, best-selling book is "The Complete Manual Of Sucide"..
(Source: BBC news some time last week)

Doesn't it sound crazy!!

In life.. If there is no problem.. life wont b intresting.. dont u think?

Arunima said...

Alka, Saurabh,
yes, there could be something drastic.

ohmeGod! books on suicide is the best seller.
the number of suicide cases in Bangalore is hitting the sky in recent years.

peace, peace, peace.

feel like deleting the last but one line. some of my friends misunderstood it. nevermind, m in no mood

Anamika said...

Every "WHY" in world has the answer, but Death is not in any one's control. I Have only one request to death, "Agar, muje chumna hai, tho abhi chumle, not when I have small kid"

Une Femme Folle said...

oh gosh, thats really sad. my heart goes out to the kid; who will take care of him now?? does Mr.R have any clue as to why she took the extreme step?

Arunima said...

yup, Anamika.I feel the same.

Hima, we are not able to put the question forward right now. heard, she was depressed. over what no one knows. she had stopped working to get married and then started recently after having the kid. yes, but she switched 2-3 jobs in the same number of months. Was last a production manager of a Famed Magazine

Zoe Brain said...

I hope she rests in peace, but I'm angry at her selfishness. OK, maybe it was just that she became insane. But there are tens, hundreds, thousands of people every minute who deserve life, yet are dying from accident or disease.

And she takes her gift, and just throws it all away.

Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. I hope so. I'll try to forgive her, and hope her son manages too.