Monday, October 04, 2004

comedy of errors

Scene 1: mom and me

She: Where are you?
Me: Mama, I am shopping with Jenny.
She: Whenever I call up, you are shopping or she is shopping.
Me: (Giggles) today, both of us are doing it.
She: Why don’t you buy gold instead of buying all those dresses and junks?
Me: And wear what? :-)
She: :-) you never take anything seriously. I know how many dresses you have. BTW, What are you going to do with your dance classes?
Me: Dance
She: What about your boyfriends?
Me: Which boyfriend?
She: You told me last time nah?
Me: They ran away. I took your name:-)
She: listen, I read in the papers that one girl was raped in Delhi. Your dad and I were discussing it. When do you leave office?
Me: By 6.
She: Good, tell your boss I don’t allow you to work late.
Me: (Gosh!) ok, but if I am late also, somebody drops me.
She: No, never allow anybody to drop you. Go in a group.
Me: ok, bus or auto.
She: You will be walking alone from the bus stop. What if the autowallah take you somewhere else?
Me: I’ll keep watching :-). In that case, send me my vehicle.
She: Not at all, I brought you up with so much difficulty. Here, atleast, you are in front of my eyes.
Me: When I took the vehicle, I was out of your sight nah? As if you followed me on the roads.
She: Nothing doing.

Scene 2: ‘J’ and her mom

She: There is one boy your aunty spoke about
‘J’: ok
She: It seems he is religious. Goes to the church and all that
‘J’: ok great. What am I supposed to do?
She: I have given your number. They are interested. Some Sofware Engineer.
‘J’: Here, if you throw a stone in space, it falls on one Software Engineer.
She: whatever, it seems he wants a girl from Bangalore. Speak to him
‘J’: fine
She: If he asks you to meet, don’t meet ok.
‘J’: then, how are we supposed to know each other?
She: umm, that’s also right. Go with your big brother.
‘J’: For a date? (Laughs!) Mom, why don’t you come along with me for the date?

Stop, or our moms will shoot.


MMN said...

Hahahahah... ROFL.
As for the safety part, tell your mother you carry a pepper spray or a swiss army knife. :D

s! said...

ok, that was hilarious!! reading that has certainly brightened up my monday!! good luck with your mom, and may God give you infinite patience.. ;-))

Truly Me said...

LOL!! :D

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

lol ;))

Handa said...

Me: They ran away.All of them?? Were you dating India's atheletic team?

Arunima said...

MMN, where can we get the spray and the knife? I am serious.
thanks Saurabh, need your wishes

Handa,now that you have given the idea. Let me see what I can do with it. Atleast my mom can apply to be the coach. Career option for her:-)

Gans and Satz, :-)

ZicoRino said...

Chuckle ! Wacky stuff,there. I almost fall off the chair.

:: S-a-t-z :: said...


When u grow old.. Do u think u wldn't bug ur kids as like ur mom does.. esp daughters?

Is it bcoz of generation gap?

manuscrypts said...

if u accompany j for the date, u could finish your shopping, maybe even let him foot the bill ;)... nyways, shopping is a very good parameter to check a guy's temperament.... hehe

Arunima said...

Satz, all moms are like that I guess when it comes to daughters.

manuscripts, me not lucky yaar. I don't mind paying my own bill too but J yes, this J I am talking about is my best friend and happens to be a female who dates men.

ashish said...

LOL @ moms (all of them in the world!)
pity @ YOU!!

and i thot i am the only unlucky one around.

Some damned ex-classmate wrote a testimonial on my orkut that my fav. quote in school used to be - "Sabki mummy ek jaisi hoti hai"!!! hehehe.....

I dont remember using that much but then you see I am never wrong ;-)

Vidya said...

Nice one ... Have been readign ur blog from morning :) !!