Friday, September 07, 2012

when you have a baby

When you have a baby: 
  • You stand in front of the mirror at midnight and chop your long tresses off because you forgot when was the last time you washed it.
  • Having a nice shower is a luxury and 11pm, 12 or, sometimes 1 am is the right time.
  • You are changing all the time - the diaper, the clothes, or the bibs.
  • The baby is smelling fresh and nice while you smell... nevermind!
  • You wonder what is sleep, and you can do it while sitting.
  • You are confident that someday you can sleep while standing too.
  • Rock a bye baby is classic rock, and bloody mary and her lamb is suddenly all so important.
  • Tummy time is olympics to you.
  • You act like a clown to entertain the baby.
  • The longest road trip is to the grocer.
  • Sex is what you tick in a form as male/female/other.
  • The universe and all the galaxies revolve around your little one.
  • You feel disconnected when friends mail you about their problems in life.
  • You click pictures of every gesture of the baby and send it to unsuspecting relatives.
  • You don't know who cries more when baby gets vaccinated and stay awake the whole night to soothe the little one in your arms.


austere said...

You cut your HAIR??
I guess it'll grow back, still...

That last one was beautiful.

Shrutzz said...

My baby soon turns a year old....logged into a blog after 6 months or so and u made me laugh ....this was just the one I needed!!!
Congrats to you :)
how old is the kid?

Rohini said...

This post really took me back. My kids were cute babies and all but I am quite happy to be done with that phase ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I should prepare myself well ahead for that phase. Or does it come naturally like all say ? :-)

Arunima said...

@jazz: Being prepared doesn't hurt but nothing compares to the real thing.:-)