Monday, April 11, 2011

The mother and i

Me: Mom, why are you bringing rice of all the things from brother's.
Mom: It is really nice. i don't like the rice at your place.
Me: huh! Mama, you don't want to carry some salt too?
Mom: laughs.

Sometimes, i do think i have taken the crazy genes from my mother.

Went over to the brother's place over the weekend to bring back mom. We came back by train and all my mom could think of bringing back from Tirupur in Tamil Nadu to Bangalore was rice. :-)

The nephew looked like a little monk with his head tonsured. He used to sleep with mom the past one month that she was there with them so, we did not wake him when we left. Heard he cried a lot after he woke up.

The train journey was amazing though.  i blocked out office, work, the dilemma over my undecidedness, and chatted away with mom over all trivialities of life. How much of the world could we see from that small window! It was not green everywhere, but in patches. Between many drylands, we could see patches of tomatoes, yellow flowers, roses, maize etc. Mom and i would point out to each other between our chit chats and cups of tea and coffee. Also, beautiful were the trees among rocks and boulders, beating the hot weather and burgeoning with bright green leaves, breathing new life, creating new landscape, drawing new scenery.

Finally, i was home and nothing compared to the comfort and familiarity of my pillow.


Meenakshy said...


Anoop said...

:) i dono abt the pillow cuz i dont use a pillow.. :D n yea... the comfort f our own home can never be replaced.... :)

Shrutzz said...

wow!!! have a nice time with amma :)

austere said...

Sounds like a peaceful, stilling trip. Rice!

AmitL said...'s always nice to see elders taking so much care, na, Arunima..even to the extent of bringing rice..:)
I see u really enjoy train journeys..same here!!:)

Anil P said...

Train journey truly helps put people together minus the usual distractions.

Tirupur reminded me of a long, long ago memory when I had overshot Coimbatore and offloaded at Tirupur, the start of an adventure it turned out to be.

norrbu said...