Friday, April 01, 2011

Going back

When shit happens, shit happens.

This was my general mood today and i was getting stressed out over small issues.

i thought i was having the most rough day. However, i somehow had the good sense to reach out to an ex-colleague and a wonderful friend. We work for competitors, but in the same campus. i joined her for lunch. i told her i think i could do with a drink. i was not lucky with the drink though she happily offered lassi.

When she introduced me to her colleague and we started talking about our old place, she said that it was an amazing place to work for and it was also because of me as i went out of the way to make the new joinees feel really comfortable. It is something which she learnt from me. Holy goodness, it came at a time when i needed the most that i even felt like crying. it was like the first drops of rain to my parched soul. Couldn't thank her enough.

mental note:

Reach out to friends. They'll never let you down.
A good conversation is sometimes even better than sex. (why i am writing this, i don't know)


Ninu said...

but thr r frnds who would let u down too.... so it depends on whom we chose.. :D

glad u had a good time... :)

n last shockin n surprisin... :)

Stone said...


AmitL said...

Absolutely true..@good friends never letting one down, specially in times like your general mood that day, Arunima.
It must've felt so nice to hear her say that you taught her to make old joinees feel really comfortable. I feel the same way when people I trained in the past,tell me how much they had enjoyed working with trainee,in fact, is now VP of her current Co..amazing,na?
ROFL at the last line--you wrote that @ good conversations coz u realized the post needed a lil more of a tinge of humour, I'd say.:)

Arunima said...

@Amit: yes, i just had to show my trademark craziness somewhere.

AmitL said...

ROFL..that's a nice term-trademark craziness..:)will probably use it for some colleagues one of these days..thank you.:)

Dblossom7 said...

Gurl I could almost hear you saying this! It's so resounding! Yes don't worry, there will always be someone who will be there for you at your worst times. God bless :-) holla to the next building if you need some unwinding :-)

claytonia vices said...

I agree with you about good conversations being better. A good conversation can be had almost anywhere, like CPR for the soul. :)

austere said...

thank you, Arunimo.
just simply.