Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Proposal

I remember coming back to the hostel after watching ‘Miss Congeniality’ and taking another 1 and half hours to narrate scene by scene to J, some even with actions. I was a good crapologist and J giggled through it all. I miss her.

Watched The Proposal at the Fame, Lido (road is damn congested because of the metro coming up). Enjoyed it thoroughly even though it is a candy floss cliché filled rom-com. You know the ending, you know the story but the journey was fun-filled and had us in splits.

The story is simple: devil boss, enterprising subordinate, boss proposes marriages to save her a*se, plays romantic couple to convince people and family, falls in love, happy ending. Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, another version of the devil boss like Meryl Streep did, but she manages to come on her own.

Ryan Reynolds had lovely comic timing and facial expressions. The grandma was just amazing. Her jungle dance to thank the mother earth and then Sandra joining her in the act was too funny. There is another funny scene on the wedding dress with the grandma and I will not spoil it by talking about it.

The office scenes were good. She is referred as ‘it’ by the staff and they flash messages to each other. I won’t tell where, but we once had a group chat in the team against the boss. Hence, the unity of the staff and the scenes made me laugh a lot.

I worked for a small firm once and we did not get internet connectivity for all the 9 hours at work. We used to tell the system admin to let us know when it was connected without the boss’ knowledge. The sys admin would come out and rotate his finger in the air. That was the sign we had been waiting for. Immediately, we would jump and open yahoo mail (this was the most popular those days) and browse for the next 45 minutes. It felt like heaven.

I will write about some fun-at-work moments someday. Coming back to the movie, it is paisa vasool.

Crapologist: One who specializes in handing out crap but presents it in such a fashion that it appears to be fact (Courtesy: Urban Dictionary)


Dreamcatcher said...

Loved the gloss :)

austere said...

Don't miss Calendar girls.
Its free too, on telly, so appeals to my very gujju paisa vasool heart.

Miss M said...

Yes, I've heard a lot about this movie but yet to watch it.

Will definitely make it a priority now, since people are raving about how hilarious it was.

wishes galore said...

i want to see "Proposal" too!!!!!
sandra bullock in a rom-com is a reason enough to go for it:)
hey have you seen her 'while you were sleeping'?

Arunima said...

@wishes galore: oh yes, I have. I have watched the hindi version too. :-)

abhirulz said...

hi arunima.. plz suggest a name of a HR fest.. with a tag line if possible,,, urgent....

Arunima said...

@abhirulz: hey buddy, give me your mail id. Else, drop me a mail at arunima at gmail dot com. I'll try my best.

hnarsana said...

Yeah I had gone with the wifey for it.. and it was fun :)

Though cliched, it was a good watch with no boring moments :)

My wife saw her first ever strip tease dance :D

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-lovely review..I'll surely watch the movie now.(Frankly,I don't trust the newspaper reviews..coz they're usually biased.:))
A big smile at the memory of office days some years back...same here,it used to be yahoo and hotmail only in those days.And, would be another site to see what new programs had been invented(It's still going strong as '').:)
LOL at the word definition.:)

Arunima said...

@hnarsana: oh yes, the strip tease! we just bursted out laughing when he doubled up as the priest.