Monday, July 27, 2009

At the cafeteria and some hangover

At the cafeteria, I noticed a lady wearing a slogan T shirt. I nudged my colleague and said, “look at that”. My colleague asked me, “Is my bum as big as her’s?” Now, for opening my mouth, I was forced to compare and contrast two things, which were not objects of my desire.

Moral of the story: Be specific about what you are pointing out.

I will not talk about the movie, The Hangover. I am sure many of you would have already watched it or are in the process of downloading it. I am going to talk about the object of my attention, S’ hangover.

Once, we partied at a friends’ place. We normally stay back at their place or they stay back at our place if we drink at night. After downing some pegs of old monk and vodka and waxing eloquent on Richard Dawkins and Statistical modeling, S got up, washed his plate and declared he is sleepy and wanted to call it a day. Later, in the middle of the night, he cuddled up and asked me if he had dinner and what did we have for dinner. He knew that I was his wife (unfortunately! :-) ) and that we were at his friends place, but he had no recollection of events after the 3rd peg. It freaked me out. He came home and researched on the net to see if there have been similar cases, and some people wrote that they don’t remember what happened for 3 days at a stretch. In the movie, at least they were under the influence of drugs. I told S not to drink when I am not around and not to exceed 2 pegs.

Since this is my blog, let me stop with what I said/ordered/instructed and not add what he replied.


austere said...


White Magpie said...

Shit!! I've been through that. But the forgetfulness happens only if you have been binge drinking for a few days/weeks..

Bet would have been interesting to read - the instructions..

Anonymous said...

I am always forgetful at this young age without drinking :-O!

AmitL said...

Being a teetotaller,I wouldn't know...but,a big smile at S' loss of memory..and,the subsequent research on google..:)

Arunima said...

@ramya: ha ha ha. that's a good one.

@White Magpie: Yes, that is what worried me cos it was just a few drinks and he hadn't been drinking.

@AmitL: Jai ho to that.

hnarsana said...

Interesting.. but yes it's common.. it does happen :)

At least he remembered who he was, and more importantly, who you were! :D

anumita said...

dont worry, it happens with me all the time. without drinking that too! a lot of times in the morning, i dont recall conversations had in the night with me being an active participant!

Dreamcatcher said...

A friend once had seven pegs and had dinner twice. I think it does happen.