Saturday, March 03, 2007


There are some people in front of whom you shouldn’t open your mouth. One of them is a dentist. Today, I just opened my mouth and pat went 500 Rs.

V, my colleague has become a mother to a baby girl. I was the only one to say that it would be a girl. She is extremely happy. Another 3 team mates are going to become parents -a very productive team. After my predictions for V, all of them are lining up to ask me. One thing which I like is that people are starting to wish for baby girls.

Me and P had gone to get some gifts for the baby and the experience left me wishing for something else. No, not kids but a dog instead. Baby clothes and baby care stuffs were bloody expensive. One small quilt was 2000 bucks, one small pillow was 300 bucks, dresses just the size of your palm were between 300 and 650.

I had two dogs at home (still have one) and I know it is not a cheap affair but at least dogs won’t be bathing everyday even if you buy dog shampoos. They don't need clothes or jewellery unless you are some nerdy celebrity. You don’t need to bear the yellow stinky ... of the little ones. Being in India, we can easily toilet train the dog to do it anywhere as long as it is not inside our own houses.

But how I love children! And how I tried to bribe my niece and nephew with presents when I went home!

To overcome this confusion, I am going Para sailing tomorrow. I told this to Claytonia Vices and he immediately sent me a video of accidents that happen while parasailing. Thanks for the encouragement Claytonia, I hate you!


shub said...

hehe ...enjoy the parasailing woman! :)

Aqua said...

haha...tell me about it...i have genetically bad teeth and end up paying the dentist his rent's worth of dough every month :)

have fun parasailing...brave brave girl!

claytonia vices said...

Someone has to take the responsibility of spoiling the fun, right? ;-)

Stone said...

Other than being expensive, it is damn confusing to pick the right stuff!!
Parasailing sounds sooooo cool!! have FUN!

AmitL said...

haha....dentists=money out the window,always.:)Interesting news-so many people becoming parents,after ur predictions?Get a crystal ball,one of these days.:)Awaiting a post on the parasailing.

Pegasus said...

so how did parasailing go?

Pegasus said...

what has toilet training to do with Indians?

anumita said...

Yes, yes, I agree dogs are more manageable! I have done a lot of parasailing, the last time was last month. It's pure fun and not at all dangerous. ENJOY!

GuNs said...

Wow. Parasailing. WHERE exactly are you going to do this? Tell me, I have been dreaming of doing this for a very long time now.


Aparna.G said...

No better way to get over the stress at a dentists than to go Para Sailing!! You go girl!

I have done it, and I am alive!!

Dentists creep me out, but, i love it when they compliment me on how well I have maintained my teeth! :))

austere said...

I want to read about the parasailing experience. specially since I wont ever. PLS! What does it feel like, in the clouds, the wind on your face?