Monday, February 19, 2007

the vacation and sister's wedding

It started with Lin’s mail announcing her marriage. She has been one of my best buddies from childhood and I wanted to attend it. I spoke to my sister and asked her to get married during my vacation.

Sis was seeing someone whom my parents did not approve of and over the past two years, she started getting aloof even from me. Somehow, I didn’t want to fail as a sister and managed to convince my parents and encourage my sis to stand by her man. Everything worked out suddenly and the marriage was fixed, 3 days before L’s.

Early in the year, I was so broke yet so happy sending money home and shopping for my cousins and relatives.

Got an interesting freelance assignment too just before my vacation and worked my ass off. For a few days, I woke up before the sun did and retired to bed really late. Keeping me company were the tap of my keys and some stray dogs barking. I raked in the moolahs and went home for the much-deserved break.

Girls usually take charge of many things in a Manipuri wedding. As the bride’s sister, I had to run around and see that all the aunties are fed well, if they have received their Pans and the sweets and everything else in between. (You really need to please them well, as marriage doesn’t have much to do with the bride or the groom or their immediate families but with the relatives and the neighbours. Most often, they are the ones who remember your age and are concerned about your marriage more than your family. If I was not that busy I would have loved to sit with them listen to their gossip)

I carried a bunch of keys everywhere running up and down to cater to everybody’s needs.

“Bring the shawl, bring the jewelley, lock this silk, bring that cash, lock this cash, give me something to change, where is the make-up box? Where are the sweets? Keep these things as buffer just in case we need more.” And someone or the other would always call my name from the wrong floor.

After the wedding and all the associated functions got over, the house became very empty. 15 days passed just like that and it was time for me to come back. It was heart breaking to see mom brood and cry so much.

I will be re-living the moments, the happy ones, the sad ones, and the funny ones here, whenever nostalgia hits me.

On a lighter note, attended Lin’s wedding. Only L(another L) and I could make it, as the others could not come home for a break.

Finally, the gang (5 girls remaining) has decided to get married together sometime next year so that all could be present.

The year has been good so far. Been to Delhi and Pune to meet some of my friends. Was not sure of meeting Lin but managed to attend her wedding. I am glad I was able to meet all my childhood friends.


Novice said...

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Goli said...

Yups weddings are always fun, and very demanding if you are attending your siblings weddings... I could completely identify with all "brings this and that" to "where is what and all"....But still it is so much fun.

Still at our house, when relatives gather the best thing to do is to watch this wedding CDs and relive those moments..

Anonymous said...

I wish you had attended my wedding and helped me too:) Achu

austere said...

Enjoyed reading this account. Since I'm probably never going to be invited to a maniuri wedding, this is as close as it gets.

ashish said...

nice to meet old friends...huh?
i tell u guys check out gals at weddings ....but tell me do gals do the same ?

Anonymous said...

When I did nivao (1987 / 1988) the role that you played, I remember I enjoyed a few looks that you get from the eligible ones around you !!! Oh boy. I wonder where are they now. However the moments were intense without being nasty. Like getting to have one rasagola in my mouth because I was carrying something.

Felt really good reading this one.


pavi said...

what abt urs :)

chandni said...

oh but i thought u were based in delhi right now!