Friday, February 09, 2007

Grew old and lost my memory.

Grew old and lost my memory.

I thought so too, but suddenly something happened at the workplace, which I just had to tell, and I remembered my blog.

One of my colleagues had to invite a group of 4 teams (including the Managers, the Senior Managers and the Director of our division) for some celebration at the pantry.
She mailed to the group,” Kindly assemble @5th floor Panty at 5 pm.”


akash said...


pavi said...

Just looks like a typo ..
frankly I didnt get the meaning of the post .. as the above one was a harmless typo which has nothing to do with a failing memory ( I may be wrong in my interpretations)
U can reply me at

Anshuman Ghosh said...

boy oh boy - what a goofup ! :-D

Arunima said...

@pavi: The memory part had to do with me and my silence from blogging.

And harmless typo? ;-)

Splendid Life said...

Hi Arunima,

i am very new to blogging, so just read few of your blogs. Very thoughtful sometimes, very lively and touchy sometimes...

Keep blogging,


Kishore said...

That reminds me. Long ago when I used to be such a good boy in college days, our juniors were about to give us a farewell party and wrote us all a personal invitation which ended -

"Have fun and be gay.."

claytonia vices said...

Freudian slips, eh?

Vivek Malewar said...

chi chi chi ... some typo error !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Then I dreamt that I have arrived at the 5th Floor totally on time. I was at the door of the meeting room. And I stopped there because I heard the tune...."It's gettin HOT in here......"


chandni said...

how embarassing for the poor chick!!


and how have u been and all that?

shub said...

ahh finally someone's updated! :)
thanks to you colleague's typo :P

pravin said...

haha. reminds me of the time my boss asked me, 'is there anything interesting to eat in the panty?'

Alok said...

a typo error but still no one will dare miss with a venue like this:-)

Novice said...

A slip of the tongue;
A slip of the finger;

Most often one finds notices as:
What does that mean?
Vibration mode!?

austere said...

q1 So did you go there?
q2 Did you manage to keep a straight face?