Monday, May 29, 2006

what I did when employment ditched me

When I took a break from employment, I got the opportunity to read some of the books I have been wishing to read for quite sometime. A few of them I wish I had read years back. Done with most of them.

Damn you Mills and Boons!! Because of you I missed out on reading many good books and you left me with a screwed up idea of Mr. Right.

Here is the list:

Catcher in the rye- J.D Salinger (yeah Handa , I have finally done it. I’ll die with the knowledge of who Holden is. I think I’ll reach heaven.)
The kite runner - Khaled Hosseini
Siddhartha- Hermann Hesse
The bird song-Sebastian Faulks
The unbearable lightness of being- Milan Kundera
The best of Roald Dahl (considered to be Roald Dahl at his sinister best. It is a collection of short stories.)

Also read some books, which were banned. I’ll write about them some other time.
Had the time of my life being lazy, reading, watching movies, bowling. I also went to the ISKCON temple. Unemployment is directly proportional to devotion. Then, it was party time with friends.

“Strawberries cherries and an angel´s kiss in spring My summer wine is really made from all these things I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to A song that I had only sang to just a few She saw my silver spurs and said lets pass some time And I will give to you summer wine Ohh-oh-oh summer wine”

Got a brand new job, brand new salary package, brand new dress (es), brand new Airtel connection (goodbye 9886100834). Somebody, give me a brand new heart.


akash said...

congrats and same to you i recently got a brand new airtel connection too.

V said...

Aren't you changing jobs too often?

swar said...

cheers to u rolling stone. enjoi madi.

d4u said...

Congrats!!! All the best and hope IT rocks:) "Unemployment is directly proportional to devtion"..well said:p

Mr. Maverick said...

Not my kinda books, currently reading 'Game theory: A non technical introduction' :)


n.g. said...

the beauty about the catcher in the rye is the fact that jd salinger couldve written another 500 pages and it'd still be interesting, but chose to write only that much.

and i dont know whether to describe roald dahl as mindblowingly articulate or sickeningly ironic. maybe he's both.

Himanshu said...

Hi Arunima,
Congrats for the new job. Out of the list I have only read "the kite runner". I would appreciate a list with ratings or recommendations.


Arunima said...

@Himanshu: I will definitely do that but it depends on one's taste.

Ad astra per aspera said...

Congrats! Nothing like a brand new start :-) All the best.

unforgiven said...

I want to quit my job too.
I want to quit software and just..

Dreams, I guess

Niang said...

I love your Blog - reminds me of my youth :-). So thanks for triggering all the maudlin twenty something memories of hearbreak & failed romances!Take it from an older woman,who also waded through Mills & Boons & Barbara Cartland( Yikes!)- these memories will be so much sweeter years later.
If you liked Kite Runner, try " the Bookseller of Kabul" by Asne Seiersted. It is the real Afghanistan and though a fiction, reads like it isnt.

shub said...

congrats babe! :)
and summer wine ROCKS~! :D

Amit Goel said...

hmm.. best of luck for future!!

and give me ur new phone no. too

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie,
Now that you know who HOLDEN is.......its time for you climb the madness ladder a little up and try to know who VERNON GOD LITTLE is.....

Try these:

And don't worry, Some body told me they are trying to implant a PIG's heart in humans..... :-)


ramu said...

u c'd have said hello 98861.... when u got it

Stone said...

hmm as far as heart is concerned, old is gold :-)

Alexiev said...


Y saludos desde Buenos Aires...

Anonymous said...

Does ISKCON provide some special session for IT techies !! I love the food the days that I am supposed to eat veggie...Next day buffalo...Salmons are like blondes. They knows a lot. I wonder if Vishnu at ISKCON will ever receive a request for a new heart..So you need a brand new heart! How much would be the trouble free warranty ! 2 years or 20000 miles... Tar par .. problem..What do you believe ? Blondes bring the hassles or hassles bring the blondes..

Anonymous said...

Admit it Arunima, while it lasted the Janet Dailey was not bad. And Betty Neels.
Congrats on the new job.
Loved the line abt ISKON.

smashin_in10sonz said...

there are always better books apart from one's own choices ... "Mills and boons"... errr... i never went thru a single... romance? "a brand new heart"... doesn't that sound selfish?
hmmmmmmmmmm... different mindsets... different passions... different outlooks... ;)

***yours sincerely mistakenly, i repeat... mistakenly came thru this blog! plz don't mind!
***comon babe play... the world is at ur finger tips... yuck!

vekspace said...

no wonder then... why 9886100834 refused to answer any calls dialled onto it... I should have known that only way to get to Ms.A is to visit this page... :D

Anil said...

Try 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.