Tuesday, March 07, 2006

While I was away

My back is aching. I tried to stoop low doing something which I shouldn’t have done. But good sense prevailed. Anyway, I have removed (It is still in the draft) a post as I feel it defeats my purpose of blogging.

Marked some IDs as spam. Thanks to all of you who left your comments and messages. Liked this line “One of the greatest source of energy is having pride in what you are doing”. Thank you John!!

I am not going to give in and I am not going to give up. Not so soon and not so easily and not at all for some nincompoops. (I am going to be that itch, which you cannot scratch. Ha Ha Ha devilish laughter)

While I took a short break, I read more, watched a lot of movies, roomie changed profession (another post) and I bought a new cell phone from Motorola. I had been using a PDA of a friend quite shamelessly with a touch screen and all the bleh bleh blah blah features and really struggled to sms with the new cell. It is mine, therefore, it is cute even if I couldn’t figure out the space button.

J’s birthday came and went again. She was crazy about the moon and always pointed it out to me. I often ran away saying, “you and your moon.” On her birthday, it drizzled slightly in the evening. I stood on the terrace and reminisced the days gone by searching for the moon who refused to show itself. I often witnessed her talk morning, noon and night to M over the phone and learnt that the successful way to hook a man is to talk, to talk some more and in fact, NEVER to STOP TALKING. See, she is married to him now.

Her brother has shifted and another family has moved in, bearing no semblance to them.

I was hit by a bike while crossing the road. Couldn’t get up immediately. Sat on the footpath for sometime. Later I crossed the road slowly and the tears started rolling down my cheeks as I waited for the office cab. It was embarrassing to cry in front of colleagues but what can you do when you don’t bleed (thankfully) but the left side of your body, the ankles, the knees ached so badly, and the skin went blue with rashes and your ass, should I say the precious rear end? Yes, the left one again felt as though it has grown bigger by two inches? I could even feel my heart pounding there.

The moral of the story: “Look towards your left and then to the right and again to the left before crossing the road and not after starting to cross if you want your heart to pound where it is supposed to be pounding”


shub said...

ouch...take care lady!!!
and motorola phone? :(
they don't make very good phones...how do I know..well I got a few techie friends working in moto...and they tell me!

Dreamcatcher said...

Ouch that sounds terribly painful. *Hugs* Are you ok now?

Goan Pao said...

hit by a cycle..ouch that mustve hurt.. there is no shame in crying..
Good moral...similar to look before you leap.
nice to c ure back

sinusoidally said...

Are you okay? I hope you feel better.

Arunima said...

@shub: Yup, I also went with a techie friend working for Moto. He is the loyal kinds.

Anat said...

crying brings relief isnt it.. more of a celebration of the ordeal being over than grief for the ordeal....

burf said...

did u buy motorazor???

oh, pls take care and that filmy haldi wala doodh :D

Amit Goel said...

hey... did i miss out ur ordeal with a bike... hmm.. can u please repeat it for me once.. just give me a ring.. i'll come out of office to watch it.. :)

Parna said...

hugs Arunima. just love your spirit in this post. bollocks to those who made you take that break. {{}}

akash said...

not meaning to be or sound a male chauvinist, i make sure that all my female friends are holding my hand while crossing the roads. for some reason the most brilliant women just act like clueless kids when it comes to crossing roads.

also its always nice to hold hands. :)