Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Truth is powerful, and it is not always that we do not believe what we eagerly wish.
I believe you.
I loved you with the fervour and gust only known to true love, and which mere liking or infatuation could never rise to.


Prerona said...

i always thought it was the other way round, but i dont know for sure. ie, that the fervour, et all goes with the infatuation and the love is calm and almost casual

Arunima said...

@perona: :-)

I could be wrong. Therefore, the 'ed'

Arunima said...

@prerona: but on second thoughts, I know it is true. It was not infatuation, no not for so long.

Prerona said...

i was once infatuated for 7 years!

no point arguing abt it though - if it was love it just was :)

who knows what is what in these things, hain na? only time will tell

unforgiven said...
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noodles said...

depends. it could take off or get stuck in the runway.
possibilities -
it may skid
u might have to brake while on the runway
it may take off peacefully, but crash mid-air (god forbid!!)
stay in air for as long as u live (!!!)
land peacefully after a flight,and perhaps, u might be ready for the next one

distance and time of the flight and runway could vary too..