Monday, December 13, 2004

utterly batterly delirious

Sa….a… Re .. e ..e.. e…Ga…a.. a.. Ma…a ..a….Pa…a a a ...
Saturday, at midnight this is what I did squeaking and squawking my vocal cords to brave the chill nip in the air coming back from “Bridget Jones’ Diary (II) “ , a movie which I was on pins and needles to watch. So, here I am talking about my hidden talent. I am a very good singer. It’s just that nobody knows it. The secret of my melodious voice, if I have to put it simple is that I watch late night movies and do the riyaaz while coming back on the roads of Bangalore. Nightingale !

On Sunday, I was at J’s place. Broom and brush, the brother sister duo did their pre-christmas cleaning. I gave them moral support by playing music and not interfering. Made myself comfortable in the kitchen. Prepared utterly batterly delirious khichdi. You can see from my post, the after effects of the khichdi. Some brothers ate it and now, they are delirious in public claiming “it’s my rice”, “it’s my dal”. How do you separate the two when the khichdi is already done?

Talking about the movie, the first was better according to me. Renee was still cute, fat and round. She concluded, “it’s possible to find happiness” Umm, it is definitely possible.

An sms that i got as a forward :

IIT: Islamic Institute of Terrorism.
JEE: Jehadic Entrance Exam
IIM: Institute of infiltration Management
CAT: Career in Alqueda and Taliban
IAS: Iraq After Saddam
Mtech: Masters in Terror Techno
GATE: General Aptitude in Terror and Extrimism.”

Peace be with you!


shobz said...

do me a favour. tell me how you'll want to do your riyaaz. cuz i'm pretty much in the very same boat you are in!!

shub said...

yiiiiiiikes!!! Good Lord!!! so that was what woke me up in the middle of the night on Sat!!! :p

makash said...

where have you been?
been so long since your last post.

i had a choice to watch edge of reason or ocean's twelve. both of them sequels and to be approached with high expectations. But ocean won simply because it had Julia Roberts and Zeta Jones. :) choice made and had a nice thick jacket for the ride back home. No singing for me :)

Manish said...

I agree, first one was better. And yes, I also sing well. My talent is also lying wasted.

Stone said...

hope this time, J's brother didn't save some khichdi for his boss ;-)
“it’s possible to find happiness”....but real test is in the journey to find it.

lilrascal said...

i dont think you saw my comment on one of your older posts but i have become quite addicted to your eloquent posts and was happy to see one after a long time. you have been an inspiration for me to enter this world of blogs. check it out sometime if you have the time :)

divya said...

keep practising..
and i still have to see the movie...

Anonymous said...

And I thought only I had the ability to make Tansen churn up in his grave.

Dreamcatcher said...

Closet singer? Bathroom singer?
Another feather in the gourmet chef and danseuse's cap...
Take care.

Abhilash said...

nice post..
clarified things a bit.. had ya mistaken for a friend of mine.. with a similar profile right now..
keep up da good work.

s! said...

gourmet khichdi-making undiscovered classical-singer.. hmm, my kinda girl!! ;-))

Ad astra per aspera said...

Sequels are rarely better than the original movies. I havent heard very great reviews about oceans 12 either *sigh I atleast hope renee's conclusions about life are
dependable...“it’s possible to find happiness” Umm, fingers crossed.

vijay masha said...


i've read almost all ur blogs.gone thro ur archives too(i was forced to!!).

ur blog is a joy to read.

Vijay Masha

Hemanshu said...

Hey girl.. haven't seen you around much.. khichdi.. truly my favorite dish (i'm serious).. so yeah.. my kinda girl too.. :) But singing? Truly my kinda girl then.. I'm also your average roadside singer, and bathroom singer.. ;)

despiteme said...

me tooo!!! especially when its dark and spooky i start singing...sorta like the boy in the King and I...what was that song? while shivering in my shoes.... u saw bridget jones...sigghhhh is hugh grant as good here?

Arunima said...

shobz, I do the riyaz by going for late night movies with friends. it would be nice if u are in a group and in a bike.

Arunima said...

@Manish, Despiteme,

I know we professionals only know the fun of it:-)

@Stone, I didn't go to London to see the Queen. Was caught up somewhere. No Boss killing this time

@Shub, I hope I didn't disturb your sleep. yOu are blessed to hear my voice.:-)

@Saurabh, Hemanshu,
your kinda gal. Me flattered. But, I hope I prepare your kinda khichdi :-)

Arunima said...

@Sancho, you have a new friend now.
@New Readers, Welcome on board. I'll try my best not to crash.

@ Rambler, I won't go so soon buddy. Can't be very regular though

s! said...

yeh kya hemanshu.. are we gonna have the same 'my kinda' girl too'!! ask arunima i she has any twin sisters for you!! ;-))

Nupur said...

Hi Arunima,

I was browsing and came to your blog (Arunima <- VishalTP <- Rikhil ). Well.. needless to say you write very well. Some very interesting stuff. Feels good to know what life in India is. Atleast that way I can keep myself in the loop! :)

Thanks n Keep it up.

Srini said...

U can sing
U can play music
U can cook finger lickin' khichdi
U love Bridget Jones Diary

welcome to the 'Cool gal' club, Rom!

manuscrypts said...

arunima, you poor thing, what all you have to do for your riyaz..hehe

Mr. Maverick said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Maverick said...

The next time I say I am from IIT, I am gonna make sure that the person knows which IIT I am talking about! Hee Hee. Good post.

Deleted the last one by mistake, couldnt figure out that the image was actually a trash can!

Akruti said...

lol,niceone arunima and yes,happiness can be found:)

Pallavi said...

LOLOL I am sure you are enjoying your new talent :)

Pallavi said...

LOLOL I am sure you are enjoying your new talent :)

Surinder said...

hey .. HAPPY New Year :)