Monday, March 12, 2018

life and its ways

I turn another year older and a lot crazier. My son wished me and asked what I wanted for a gift - a jacket, leggings, shirt, or a bag and that made my day. He is 5 years old. In his words, 5 years and 7 months it would be. :-) He said we need to invite people and throw a party and the list consisted of  his friends only.

Well, I wanted to update on what happened next after I landed with a job offer since I am blogging frequently at the rate of one post per year. :-) I got pregnant when my EAD came and did not take up the job offer. What a climax, literally and metaphorically, I mean. We are blessed with another baby, this time, a baby girl and I went to the moon and back. Feel so blessed. I used to think that people who have twins are lucky. Even if they struggle the initial years, the kids grow up and you are free to have your own lives again, but oh, this tenderness you feel all over again, the cuteness of a new born! Can you feel the love in this post?! I am so glad I did not have twins earlier.

Mom is here to help me out, and she makes fun of me that should my daughter marry at my age, I will be with a walking stick. :-) I laugh a lot with her, and fight over the care of the baby too, but I feel blessed for every moment she is here.

(Typed this post in January, but I am publishing it only now after mom has left for India, and the baby is 4 months old. )

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