Friday, December 27, 2013

The Mistress

The mistress said, "Although, our relationship did not start in the right way, I loved you."  This is a dialogue from a Korean serial that I just finished watching, called The Inheritors, or The Heirs. The statement was profound enough to make me feel like saving it and sharing it somewhere. She is not the main protagonist, and her character seemed shallow but towards the end of the serial, I started liking her a lot.

Sometimes we end up liking the wrong person, and making the wrong choices in life, for 'love' as you call it, but like her, if it is another woman's husband, house, or marriage for that matter that you are trying to call your own, the guilt of having done that wrong often outweighs the happiness that you think you have received. This was her, blaming herself when things did not go right. But one thing was true, she did love the man and she said it when she was moving out of his house.  Sometimes, i feel 'love' is also about not acting on it.

Coming back to the serial, it is a hugely popular one in the Asian region starring Lee Min Ho, one of my favorite young actors (damn, they are all younger than me. But recently, I have a thing for younger men, no? What else can one do, actors that I grew liking are reaching adult diaper days, and i am reminded of my Auntijiness)

It is about rich kids who are groomed to be heirs and heiresses of their business empires, what lengths the parents go to uphold the family name, and what happens when this guy, (Lee Min Ho) fall for a commoner, while he has to bear the weight of his crown. It is a 20 episode drama. Enjoyed it.


Abhilasha said...

HI arunima... u were missed... try to be regular...


Arunima said...

Thanks Abhilasha, I will try.

Passionsoflife said...

great to see you after long.