Sunday, December 05, 2010

what the...!

When you struggle to sit up and place the laptop, and then position yourself slowly to check your mail, and the mail that you get, is about how to increase the size of your penis... hmpf!

One friend updated on Facebook that his son is already going to school. I replied, "And I am still pissing in bed". Dad played devotional songs in a loop in my room. Wondered if he was thinking that I am gonna die or something. :-)

Everywhere in the papers, it is all about scams, be it at the national or the regional level. I seriously feel, if all of these tainted politicians are asked to resign, nobody will be left at the helm.

Now we cannot promise the sun and the moon to our loved ones, and write poetry as she is claiming that the sun is her property. :-) The comments on this article were damn funny.

One said, "Someone should claim space itself and charge her rent for the use unless she moves her sun outside of the universe."

and another said, "Cool. Now that she legally owns the sun, I can sue her for damages like sunburn, skin cancer, global warming, and fading the paint on my car."

Watched recently:
Transsiberian (ok)
Green Zone (good)
Nothing but the truth (good)
The Social Network (good)
From Dusk Till Dawn (funny, crazy)
Red (good)
Salt (love Angie so, loved it)
Hart's war (very touching though IMDB rating is not so great)
Brooklyn's finest (serious, good)
Jonah Hex (ok)
The time traveler's wife (ok)
Hell Boy 1 and 2 (good. old movie. just for the sake of passing time) 
Resident Evil:Afterlife (loved all the parts so, couldn't miss this one. I can watch the entire series back to back) 

Wish to watch the latest Harry Potter and Guzarish, but for that, I need to walk to the theatre. hmpf!


venkat said...

I am so sorry about the accident Arunima.Hope you are getting better and better.Wish you the best.Take care.

Meenakshy said...

oh! you are also of the type, "I watch only englis muvies!"

Arunima said...

@Meenakshy:oh no, I love hindi movies too, but there is no parlour nearby to borrow those from and downloads are far easier with English.

kirti said...

you r surely on an improvement track. Celebrate every little step girl.
See you are Facebooking , posting blogs, mailing .........
If you are able to think of anything else other than yr health that shows you are getting better.
Even complaints are a good sign. ;)
Thanx for the movie ratings .
even i would give you a list with ratings soon.
meanwhile keep yrself happy and entertained and make sure everyone in the house showers their complete attention on you.

Ardra said...

Hi Arunima!
Happy to see you on my page.
lost my blog roll when my prev template crashed , still used to drop by from Alapana's site, but missed out your recent posts. shocked to hear abt your accident, however, am glad you're recovering...
take care and get moving soon...