Saturday, September 12, 2009

It cannot get more eventful

i did not understand why Karnataka, a BJP-ruled government declared a state holiday when the AP CM expired. is it because our airport is so far away that AP has been considering that it is theirs and since our airport can be part of AP, AP can be part of Karnataka? This doesn't make sense? then, please explain the holiday.

Anyway, i am going to start house-hunting again. yeah, it is a good way to spend your weekends. call up and visit one or two projects, come back and sleep over it. i am seriously planning to start another blog and review the projects. i have seen at least 60 to 70 projects in Bangalore.
The last time, we had finalised on a project and almost booked it. Suddenly, S' company stopped paying his salary. Bah, we were prepared for a salary cut, but 'no salary' was life-altering.

We had to change the game plan. From house-hunting to job-hunting, and this mental shift was really difficult for me. i braced myself to be the sole income earner for a few months. i was stressed that i shopped a lot. got some 6 pairs of new shoes and a lot of clothes during those months.

Then my organization started to play ping pong. re-org after re-org happened and i am in a new project with a new person under a new manager. Then the family played sick-sick. First it was ma-in-law and S, then pa-in-law. The baton was passed back and forth, until it reached me. With the Swine flu scare around, the past few months have been only about visiting the doctor every other weekend. i feel like writing about the experiences with the different docs that we visited too, but let me save it for another day. i only know, life has been really eventful these past months and i am going to start house-hunting again. jai hind!


Diwakar Sinha said...

Yeah, it cannot get more eventful.
take care

austere said...

well, you're one tough lady, Arunima.


AnjuGandhi said...

happy job hunting
i wish you find your dream house soon
regarding the holidays declared when some top leader goes even i find it very funny. what is the puprose of declaring the holiday. will the country mourn the whole day. rather this unexpected holiday is celebrated with doing pending work, socialising, picnics. this is no way to pay homage rather people who are so concerned about the loss should put in extra effort and do more work.
hope now your tension filled days are over.

venkat said...

OH! I saw Jai Hind first time.Becoming more Patriotic,Arunima:)Tamilnadu also declared holiday,BJP in Delhi hoisted the flag at half-mast,the weekly Indian Express I get has it on its cover page.I wonder why so much coverage? Sure, it is sad that he died in an accident.It feels like more than normal.I find disgusting that these Congress guys want his son to be CM.Democracy,Hmmmmm.Stop paying salary????They want him to work for free.Never heard of that. Good luck with House-hunting,Arunima and hope Mr.S finds a job where they pay.Please take it easy,do not get too stressed.Good Luck Arunima.

Anonymous said...

aww.. sometimes life decided to play with us..n i hope she's done playing now..

n yes-yes, do start writing about your house-hunting projects..this way we could learn something;))

take care..
jai hind;))

~Lopa said...

I so so relate with things here...
- House Hunting... have been through it, and i know d pain !
- Swine Flu, We were in India last month and we both fell sick, and what all everyone could think of was Swine Flu, I was even scared that will we be able to fly back, if they know i had fever and they wont let me fly then??? !!!

Hope you are doing better now. And All the best for house-hunt :)

Imagination said...

Job security is a scary thing :( Everyday starts with a lot of nervousness which subsides through the day...only to begin all over again the following day...:(

Shobana Jayaraman (Srikumar) said...

when the going gets tough, the tough arunima gets going! :)

the us recession is almost over. all our lives will come back to a new normal.

btw did you have the opportunity to get a throat swab done?

Arunima said...

@shobhana: oh no, it was viral fever. But we were shit scared and kept on looking for symptoms. After we recovered, we confessed to each other that we were worried and started imagining the symptoms

Meena Maami? Meenu Mommy! said...

good luck for the househunt.. thats indeed a good time pass ;).. u r one shopaholic hehehe.. keep going babe
oh! u had a holiday for that.. we did not get and the traffic on old madras wasn't any less that day.. my friend said "Pind chhoota.. achha hua marr gaya saala"

AmitL said...

Hi,Arunima-remain tough,lady!Life takes these tests,now and then-if you come out of them unscathed and stronger,you win!:)
House-hunting-Oh God,ask me about it..and,if you're going through agents,they have their own concept of what you'll like!!Even I plan to do a post on the house hunts I've done in the past,one of these days.
TC..and,good luck for a lot of good luck to come!

Canary said...

Goodness! All the best tough lady!
And I am in Bangalore - would be happy to help in the house-hunt, if required :)

Anonymous said...

See you again soon!